AV-Comparatives Releases March 2016 Results for Real-World Protection and File-Detection Test

AV-Comparatives Releases March 2016 Results for Real-World Protection and File-Detection Test AV-Comparatives Releases March 2016 Results for Real-World Protection and File-Detection Test

•    Real-World Protection Test Factsheet March 2016 Released
•    File Detection Test March 2016 Released

AV-Comparatives Releases March 2016 Results of their Real-World Protection Test. 

1.   Real-World Protection Test  Results can be found here
2.   File-Detection Test Results can be found here
Real-World Test

Real-World Protection Test

AV-Comparatives’ Real-World Protection Test for March 2016 is based on a test set of real live test cases (malicious URLs found in the field) consisting of working exploits (drive-by downloads) and URLs pointing directly to malware.
AV-Comparatives’ Real-World Protection Test is currently the most comprehensive and sophisticated test available, using a large number of test cases. The detailed overall result reports that are released in July and December also contain a false-alarm test that lists the awards the malware protection products reached based on their overall scores during the respective five-month period.
This year, the company ran this test under Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit SP1 with up-to-date third-party software (such as Adobe Flash, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Java, etc.). The test cases used cover a wide range of current malicious sites and provide insights into the protection given by the latest versions (at the time of testing) of many security products, using all their protection features, while surfing the web. The protection rates of these over the various months can be found on their website.
Even products that sometimes reach 100% protection rates in a test do not always protect against all threats on the web. It only shows that they were able to block 100% of the widespread malicious samples used in a test. Users are also advised to keep their system and third-party applications up-to-date/patched as this can dramatically decrease the risk posed by exploits.

File-Detection Test

We also released the file detection test of March 2016 - please find the results here: http://av-comparatives.org/comparativesreviews/detection-test  

About AV-Comparatives
AV-Comparatives is an independent organization offering systematic testing to check whether security software, such as PC/Mac-based antivirus products and mobile security solutions, lives up to its promises. Using one of the largest sample collections worldwide, it creates a real-world environment for truly accurate testing. AV-Comparatives offers freely accessible results to individuals, news organizations and scientific institutions. Certification by AV-Comparatives provides an official seal of approval for software performance, which is globally recognized. 

The results can be used by editors / media / bloggers etc. for free. Please give as source http://www.av-comparatives.org

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