WowTron Added New Features to Its Popular PDF Page Organizer Software for Windows

As a product provider, whether it is software or hardware products, we are required to provide users with the use of the product description file or a presentation file, and based on the consideration of the document, we chose the popular PDF document format to make. Portable document format is an electronic file format. This file format has nothing to do with the operating system platform, that is to say, PDF file in Windows, Unix or OS Mac operating system in the Apple Corp are common. This feature makes it an ideal document format for electronic document distribution and digital information dissemination on Internet. More and more electronic books, product description, company announcements, information network, e-mail at the beginning of the use of documents in PDF format.

Adobe design PDF file format is designed to support cross platform, multimedia integrated information publishing and publishing, in particular, to provide support for the release of information on the network. In order to achieve this goal, PDF has many advantages over other electronic document formats. PDF file format can be text, font, format, color, and independent of the equipment and resolution of the graphics image, etc. The format file can also contain hypertext links, sound and video and other electronic information, support for long file, integration and security are higher.

In order to make it more colorful and more simple and intuitive, we often have to do the following operations: insert pdf pagedelete pdf pages, rotate pdf pages, adjust the PDF page order, etc., these original complex work will to be simply if you have such a pdf editing software: WowTron PDF Page Organizer. Through it you no need to install large and expensive Adobe reader, you see all the operations can be real-time operating results.

PDF document supports two kinds of encryption, now I show you about the security of the PDF documents:

User Password Encryption is used to open the PDF document (Open and read)

Owner Password Encryption is used to change security settings (Security options like: modify, copy, print etc.)

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