Easy to Use PDF Encryption Software Was Launched by WowTron

PDF documents are becoming popluar, nearly all people are in use. Users now are paying more much attention to the privacy and security of pdf documents. They would like to protect their own pdf documents from being stolen, copied, or printed. Is there any way for that kind of pdf users to add password to pdf document and prevent them from being viewed?

Yeah, there is one, it is so powerful, it is WowTron PDF Encryption, it is the most popular pdf encryption software. It does not only allow users to add password to pdf, but also enables users to add restrictions to pdf documents.

Three steps to add password to pdf:

Step1: Download WowTron PDF Encryption: 

Please download and install the app, it will take you 10 seconds.

Step2:ImportPDF Files

Ater installing the app, you can add pdf files.

Step3:Export pdf documents.

WowTron Pdf Encryption Key Features:

1. Do NOT need Adobe Acrobat Reader or other third party software installed.

2. It is a standalone application with friendly user interface.

3. Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating system.

4. Encrypt PDF with two types of passwords: owner/master password and user/open password.

5. Encrypt PDF with RC4 (low level security) or AES (advanced level security).

6. Encrypt PDF using 40-bit, 128-bit or 256-bit long encryption key.

7. Set restrictions to PDF files preventing from printing, editing, coping, and changing.

8. Prevent copying text or graphics of PDF.

9. Enable you modify metadata of PDF file, like subject, title, keywords etc.

10. Support to stamp watermark to PDF file.

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