Telx Computers Details Common Network Security Failures in Their Most Recent Article

Telx Computers Details Common Network Security Failures in Their Most Recent Article

MIAMI, FL (7/21/2015) Security is a hot topic these days. The importance of cybersecurity is lauded everywhere from talk shows to IT companies. But what exactly is it? And, most importantly, what are the most common security threats?

“Although improperly configured hardware can be a red flag, a far more grievous offense is to have incompetent personnel running your IT department,” says Avi Vaknin, CEO of Telx Computers. “Human error is one of the biggest threats to an organization’s information security.”

Telx Computers explores different tactics to manage security threats. “I always advise my clients to be proactive about security concerns,” advises Vaknin. “One of the best ways is by deleting cookies and emptying your cache. People are usually completely unaware that something is lurking in their personal network.”

Besides having a through security policy, Telx Computers recommends following the FCAPS acronym for ensuring network safety: Fault management, Configuration management, Accounting management, Performance management, Security management.

“For our clients that do not have the time to police their own network, we recommend outsourcing their IT need to a qualified managed IT services company,” says Vaknin. “It is the best option for those who want tremendous support and high-level security.”


Having a team of dedicated support professionals managing your network security is a necessary step for a successful organization. Telx’s reputation for delivering comprehensive network solutions to your team ensures protection of your data and recovery of your system in the event of an attack. To expand the scope of your network’s data solutions, check us out today.

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