Tips to Improving Your Marketing Campaign On Instagram

Tips to Improving Your Marketing Campaign On Instagram

Instagram now has over 300 million users, which means it's now bigger than even Twitter. With that large of a user-base, if your company doesn't have a marketing campaign going — then you're already missing out. You also don't need to be a superstar or athlete to properly leverage the power of Instagram. There are retailers, brands, tech companies — really an endless amount of different organizations that utilize this giant social platform. Here are a couple ways that these companies are reaching customers and gaining followers — that your business can use too.

Show; Don't just tell - So you have a great new product or service and you want to get the word out? Show your followers pictures of your product or even a video of it in action. That's why people are on Instagram in the first place; because they are engaged by visual media. Spend a little time to make your content visually appealing, and geared towards increasing engagement with your post or page. Adding a clear and bold call-to-action is a perfect way to increase the amount of users that like, share, or comment on your media.

Run a contest - Holding a contest is another sure-fire way to gain a boost in followers and engagement. Have your followers post photos using a specific hashtag, then pick the best ones that will be eligible for a prize. The prize doesn't even have to be something spectacular. If you own a small restaurant, have your customers post a picture about the restaurant for a chance at a gift card. It's that simple, and you'll see your engagement shoot through the roof.

Behind the scenes - People are always interested of what's going on behind the curtain. This is a way to get personal with your customers and followers and show them what your company is really like. Look at it as a way to humanize your brand. Now-a-days people are interested in more than just the products or services you provide, they also care about the kind of people that work at the company, as well as the culture and values that the company goes by.

While those are some ways to naturally gain and grow a following, there are also ways to speed up this process — in a safe manner.

If you've just started your Instagram marketing campaign, chances are you engagement is very minimal — or even non-existent. One way to combat this problem, and get the snowball rolling is to get automatic Instagram likes. With this trick, everything you upload will receive Likes — automatically — so that you don't have to spend time buying them manually for each individual upload. These auto Likes Instagram will help give you account the initial boost it needs to start gaining some traction, which otherwise would take weeks or months to achieve.

If you're already mid-campaign and want to add a little boost to the media you've already uploaded then you can also buy Instagram Likes spread out across your recent media. This will help kindle the fire a bit, breathing some life into your older posts. More information can be found at

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