£30 Price Cut On Loom Pro Superbox On Amazon UK

£30 Price Cut On Loom Pro Superbox On Amazon UK

May 30, 2015 - Goteborg, Vastra Gotaland -- Daisy Loom announced recently that the company is marking down the price of the Loom Pro Superbox on Amazon UK. Originally priced at £58, the toy loom kit can now be purchased for the discounted price of £28 on Amazon UK website. With the £30 price cut promotion, now is a good time for longtime loomers and crafts enthusiasts to restock on their supplies or try out one of today's most popular activities. The Loom Pro Superbox comes with free delivery and a full money back guarantee from the company.

The Loom Pro Superbox is a complete loom kit that contains all the looming materials needed for creating loom band ornaments. This new product from Daisy Loom consists of a high-quality organizer box for keeping things tidy, 4200 fruit-scented silicone loom bands in 12 different colors, a loom board made of durable plastic, a premium hook for easy looming, six beautiful charms and lots of clips. All items in the kit have undergone intensive laboratory testing to ensure that it does not contain materials that can be harmful to its users, especially the kids.

Toy Loom
This activity that turns rubber bands into fashionable bracelets and other stylish accessories have become a form of art. It has also become one of the most bought as gifts. Creative enthusiasts are always coming up with unique creations for both self-expression and fashion. With virtually unlimited colors and weaving patterns to work with, the potential for creativity is practically unlimited. The creativity is the only limit for full enjoyment and fun.

About Daisy Loom UK

As the popularity of toy looms increased, so did the demand for refill products and accessories. In 2013, Patrik Gisselson founded Daisy Loom with the goal of meeting these demands and providing enthusiasts alternative choices for durable and safe products at reasonable prices.
The company first launched its first two products, the refills value pack and mega value pack, on Amazon US where it was rousing success. Just months after the launch, positive product reviews praising the quality of the products and commending the service of the company flooded the product page on Amazon. The company then expanded its distribution to the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

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