Safeguard Defender has launched the new Intellispy Computer Tracking Software

Safeguard Defender has launched the new Intellispy Computer Tracking Software

Advances in computer and communication technology allow children to connect with complete strangers in a countless number of ways. However the strangers can also include those with nefarious intentions, such as pornographers and predators in search of victims. The IntelliSpy Computer Tracking Software gives provides the ability to track what a child does every time they get on the computer in order to know what they are doing and protect the child. The software works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7.

Criteria used for reviews of parental control software include the following:

Filtering & Blocking
Check the application being considered for filtering and blocking capabilities. Some applications are equipped to not only block website content, but also to filter it. Blocking and filtering elements may include application blocking, chat blocking, search engine filtering and social network blocking.

Recording Capabilities
The best parental software compiles detailed records of the child’s computer use, including screenshots, keyboard strokes, online searches and accessed websites. Some products can capture usernames and passwords for social sites such as Facebook. The best parental control software will capture screenshots and send you emails about activity on the child's computer so the parent can stay informed.
Installation & Management

Good parental software allows monitoring of the child’s online behavior without them knowing. Other features include the ability to schedule monitoring times and easy password access.

The IntelliSpy Computer Tracking Software features:
Key Logging: see everything typed onto the keyboard including emails, instant messages, social networking activity
Screenshots: see snapshots of the screen taken at 1 minute intervals
Block web sites: limit access to web sites that felt to be inappropriate for a child
Completely Stealth: if someone unknowingly closes the program or shuts down the computer, the program will restart.

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