Otec Promotions Launch Studio Made Reputation Videos In Australia

Otec Promotions Launch Studio Made Reputation Videos In Australia

Otec Promotions, the reputation marketing company, launched studio made reputation videos in Australia on January 13th 2015. The system pioneered by Otec Promotions USA Inc over the past year has revolved seamlessly into the Australian parent organisation by adding professional Australian actors to host the videos.

During 2015 video takes on an added importance when promoting businesses because Youtube is about to overtake Google to become the number one search engine worldwide which means all the old reasons why a business needs a presence on Google now translate to Youtube. The online public have spoken loud and clear and are telling the world they would rather search for videos than written descriptions.

When Google purchased Youtube around five or six years ago, they immediately started converting it from a pure entertainment channel to an information and education channel, or a search engine in plain terms. Today the investment is starting to pay-off.

Otec Promotions senior partner David McCarthy explained that the time has arrived when home-made videos posted by small to medium enterprises are now being penalised in Youtube rankings as the search engine demands a higher quality product.

The company have spent over a year developing a high quality, professional product with partners in the USA and to date each video produced has gone to page one listing in Google within a few weeks. This gives clients maximum online exposure because each video points to the clients phone number and website. Having developed the product in the USA we have been able to tailor it for Australia, Britain and Canada by adding actors from those nations to be spokesperson on the videos. This gives the opportunity of serving clients anywhere in the English speaking world as the entire process can be carried out online and by phone if required.

Reputation is very important, as is social proof, and the reputation videos take both into account to satisfy the customer’s demand of seeking the most reputable business to spend their money with when they search for local goods and services. As most of these searches will be done by video in the coming months and years now is the time for all business owners to consider whether their business meets the search criteria of their potential customers.

Once the video is published on Youtube it is there forever more without any ongoing costs under current Google/Youtube rules and you can point clients to it from your website and even include the URL in newsletters or push messages to existing clients. The once-only investment goes on for as long as the internet is there.

During the launch period Otec Promotions are running a series of heavily discounted promotions in various industry niches to introduce clients to the benefits of adding reputation videos to their reputation marketing armoury. According to a Nielsen Poll of online buyers over 70% consider a review by a consumer is as influential as a recommendation by a close friend or relative and by putting these reviews on video you ensure that they will be watched by far more people than will take the time to red a customer review.

About Otec Promotions :
Otec Promotions is a subsidiary of Otec Pty Limited which was first established in Sydney in January 1983 by David McCarthy. It has been promoting small to medium enterprises for many years and David first started in this industry in London back in 1966. As a company we have seen many changes in how to promote our clients and we take great pride in having moved with the times to remain in business for so long. In the early days we would book a jazz band or a Batman lookalike to appear on the forecourt of a service station. For the past 10 years we have been heavily involved with promoting online and our knowledge of major search engines and how they operate is second to none.

Online reputation videos is the latest ammunition in our armoury and is part of our overall reputation marketing service.

The typical business we represent has between 3 and 95 employees, is privately owned and has a desire to be the dominant business in the niche in which they operate.

Check our youtbe video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-cl=84503534&v=A1mquS_kdvA&x-yt-ts=1421914688


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