Software Program TSContract Is Now Available in English

Software Program TSContract is now available in English. This is such a good news since there are a lot of people looking forward to use the software but they cannot due to the fact that it is originally and purely available in the German language. 

Thomas Schoessow, the software developer of this software shares that he normally serves the software in the German market only. But since there were a lot of requests to make the software also available in the English language, Thomas give in to the requests of people and indeed made the software available in English-speaking markets as well. 

The design, creation and development of TSContract is mainly to manage the contract data with convenience and ease.  It is an all-in one solution which offers all necessary functions so that career driven people and even layman could manage simple and uncomplicated contracts. TSContract manages for the following purposes: (1) contacts, agents and contractors, (2) contract status, types and contract durations, (3) payments and costs and (4) reports are available in PDF or Xlsx (Excel). It supports Windows 7 and Windows 8 (32/64 bit). Originally, it can only be accessed and utilized by the German market. But since as requested by many, it is now finally available and ready for use on English-speaking markets. TSContract as well has built-in permission management which permits for each well-designed permissions structure. Its program has the capability to associate along with every contract too. 

Since a lot have already seen the goodness and benefits that this Contract Management program can offer, rest assured that when they knew about its availability in the English market, they will no longer wait and purchase the program right away. Once purchase, they can take advantage of its full-packed features and functions and also with its user-friendly interface. 

Thomas Schoessow is the man behind this software program. He has given his best and brought out all his knowledge and learnings in programming and design just to come up with a great program. Successfully, he got what he wants. He has impressed a lot with this program. Moreover, with its availability on the English market now, guaranteed that more and more people will find this software useful and beneficial to them. 

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