Releases History of Neon Signage Timeline Infographic Releases History of Neon Signage Timeline Infographic

San Francisco, CA ( January 18, 2013 -- From its creation over 5 billion years ago, neon has been a persistence substance as old as the stars. While neon is very common around the universe and in our own solar system, it is a rare substance on Earth. It's origin on our rock is from the very sun that assists in the life that is found around the planet. has created a highly-informative infographic so that everyone can know just how interesting and intriguing the history of neon really is. From its root term being created by the Greeks, all the way up to its current and multifaceted uses.'s infographic points out that the Greek word "Neos" is the first terming of the substance. It means literally "new one" or "the new gas". From 600 B.C. Up until the 17th century, the element still lay outside the bounds of human comprehension, until Jean Picard discovered a faint glow around a barometer tube which contained mercury.

Later in the nineteenth century, Henrich Geissler invented a tube that carried his namesake, wherein "rarefied" gas were electrified. The glow was the first control usage of the lighting that would later become neon lighting.

According to the infographic, the gas was not discovered until William Ramsey and M.W. Travers did so in 1898. The two had obtained pure neon and explored the "electrical gas-discharge" in tubes similar to those used today. In 1902, Georges Claude first applied electrical discharge to a sealed tube of neon in order to create a lamp. This inevitably lead to the Perly G. Nutting's sign creation, which quickly lead to widespread use for signage.

The infographic continues on the many uses of neon up to today's current uses, wherein neon is preserved by historical organizations, and signs are still used today to entice and lure customers off the street and into stores.


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