Architect Peter F. Spittler Counters Urban Sprawl Through Sustainable Growth

Architect Peter F. Spittler Counters Urban Sprawl Through Sustainable Growth

Sustainable proponent Peter F. Spittler urges importance of planning growth.

CLEVELAND, Ohio  ( January 15, 2013 -- For several decades Peter F. Spittler has worked extensively to help his clients expand while keeping global impact in mind. Over the years, Peter F. Spittler has found that if cities and businesses work in tandem, entire areas can grow strategically, saving money and protecting the environment at the same time.

A new trend toward "smart growth" has been birthed over the past two decades, as architects and builders have joined forces with activists and preservationists to protect the planet. Peter F. Spittler works with these colleagues to ensure his designs have the minimum environmental impact possible.

As Peter F. Spittler describes the concept of smart growth, entire areas are built in order to consolidate populations into as small an area as possible. This minimizes transportation requirements, as residents can travel from home to school to work either on foot or by using a bicycle. Public transportation is also customarily part of smart growth, with buildings located in such a way as to be convenient to bus routes and train stations, adds Peter F. Spittler.

According to Peter F. Spittler, smart growth proponents think long-term, looking at the overall impact of each development. This often involves cooperation with local governments, as businesses must work together to accomplish these goals, reports Peter F. Spittler. Smart growth places a high value on neighborhoods and the people who inhabit them, Peter F. Spittler has found, with an emphasis on creating a warm, community-like feel.

The principle behind smart growth, points out Peter F. Spittler, is that creating small, contained neighborhoods has been shown to attract businesses and retailers. A large, concentrated customer base is appealing to restaurants, grocery stores, and service providers. As Peter F. Spittler describes, development may also include parks, walking trails and bike lanes, and mixed-use buildings that combine residents, office space, and restaurants.

Peter F. Spittler also has found that in the design phase, small adjustments can be made that reduce environmental impact. This process starts during planning, by choosing the best possible property for a development. Peter F. Spittler places preferences on the development of existing lots rather than destroying Earth's natural resources. Peter F. Spittler also incorporates water and energy conservation into designs by taking advantage of solar panels, natural light, and using appliances that are Energy Star® compliant.

During his diverse career, Peter F. Spittler has focused on sustainable development to promote the preservation of our planet's resources for future generations to enjoy. His environmentally friendly work has garnered Peter F. Spittler a number of awards for his designs, including one from the International Interior Design Association.

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