Worldwide Vision Weighs in on Importance of Employee Appreciation

A recent news article highlights different ways in which employers seek to motivate their employees--prompting the attention of Worldwide Vision.

Raleigh, North Carolina ( September 5, 2012 -- One of the key roles that an employer plays is that of the motivator; it is often the job of the manager or supervisor to ensure that his or her employees are working hard, and performing to the best of their ability, while also maintaining high levels of morale. This is a precarious balancing act, but ultimately one that is important for maintaining a healthy corporate environment and high levels of productivity. According to a recent Denver Business Journal article, it is also a balancing act at which many employers fail. The article says that the methods used by employers to motivate their employees are often backwards; the article has won the attention of Worldwide Vision, a North Carolina company that is zealous for treating its employees well.

According to the article, many employers seek to motivate their people with the promise of a promotion. In some instances, however, this may prove counterproductive. Employees may fear a promotion, even when there is a raise involved, because it will lead to increased responsibility and, ultimately, a heavier workload.

Instead, the article says, employers might seek to inspire their employees, and to boost morale, by offering words of encouragement, tokens of appreciation, or even thank-you notes.

The article has captured the attention of Worldwide Vision, a marketing firm that specializes in in-store promotion and face-to-face marketing initiatives. The company is known for fostering a strong and healthy work environment, and ultimately for treating its employees well. Worldwide Vision has responded to the Denver Business Journal article with a new press statement.

"Here at Worldwide Vision we agree completely," affirms the company in its statement to the press. "We have learned through trial and error that praise and reward, not punishment, are vital in getting the most out of our employees." Worldwide Vision goes on to note some of the specific rewards it offers to its employees. "Whether it's trips away to Puerto Rico; Dallas, Texas; or random road trips, our employees enjoy the opportunity to travel for a job well done. We regularly give bonuses, such as cash, televisions, dinners, or simple thank you's, to our staff members who go above and beyond."

Worldwide Vision also says that building team unity and camaraderie are important. "We also encourage a team-oriented environment through weekly team nights, which have included bowling, box seats at local sports games, and high-speed go-carting. This encourages the crew to work together to achieve their goals."

Worldwide Vision is based in Raleigh, but has regional offices throughout the United States.


Worldwide Vision is a marketing firm that specializes in new client acquisitions through face-to-face in-store promotions on behalf of its clients' products and services. The company was founded in 2007 in Raleigh, North Carolina, to work primarily for local businesses and entertainers. Today, the company has expanded to include several regional offices throughout the country, and maintains a tier-1 client list that includes nationally recognized electronics, entertainment, and home improvement brands. Worldwide Vision is also noted for its employee benefits programs and career development strategies.

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