Worldwide Vision Adapts to Changing Market, Maintains Core Values

As changes occur to the market, a growing company often betrays its original mission statement for new values. Worldwide Vision discusses the importance of maintaining consumer trust by preserving integrity.

Raleigh, North Carolina, (PRBuzz) August 1, 2012 -- Every business begins with a mission statement, and although things in the world may change, many entrepreneurs hope to preserve them. Such is the case of Patagonia, an outdoor gear company that, despite many challenges, has stayed true to its core values. A recent article in The Guardian discusses how the company became the first benefit corporation in California - a true testament to how Patagonia remains committed to its mission to protect society and the environment. Worldwide Vision, a marketing firm, describes other challenges that have come with the evolution of business and how it follows a similar dedication to its original beliefs.

Worldwide Vision is a company noted for its personal, effective marketing methods that include in-store and face-to-face promotion strategies. The brands that the company represents are diverse, and so are the places and people they market to. Although every business must keep profit in mind and establish a clear plan to increase sales, Worldwide Vision notes that integrity is essential to keeping a company afloat - without it an enterprise could lose credibility with its consumers. In a recent press statement the company commented on these efforts, "At Worldwide Vision we have a firm philosophy of core fundamentals that our business is built around. We are firm believers that one's attitude, mentality and work ethic are just as important as their credentials."

Patagonia shares these beliefs and notes in the article how it has faced several difficulties over the years. Founder, Yvon Chounaird began the company to minimize the environmental impact rock-climbing pitons made by damaging the surface of rocks. In the 1990s, Chounaird was committed to only providing clothing that was 100 percent organic cotton, however the company's production was threatened by small supplies of such fibers. Rick Ridgeway, Patagonia's vice-president of environmental initiatives comments, "Yvon's answer was if we have to be in business using an evil product like traditionally grown cotton, we don't deserve to be in business," Following such direction, the company survived and flourishes today, still committed to bettering the world.

While Patagonia retained its integrity through its development, many companies find it difficult to maintain values when the economy shifts or the size of the business becomes too large. Worldwide Vision is currently experiencing growth as it tackles new markets that involve advanced technology. However, the company understands that while it embraces changing elements and represents a larger market, it must reinvent strategy to sustain the company's vision.

One spokesperson from the company explains, "As technology began to advance we understood that we needed to improve our strategies without losing our beliefs. Recently, we adjusted how we take one of our larger clients to market. We integrated face-to-face marketing with the new technology of Samsung Galaxies and iPads, while not losing touch with the core beliefs that built our success here at Worldwide Vision."


Worldwide Vision is a marketing firm that specializes in new client acquisitions through face-to-face in-store promotions on behalf of its clients' products and services. The company was founded in 2007 in Raleigh, North Carolina, to work primarily for local businesses and entertainers. Today, the company has expanded to include several regional offices throughout the country, and maintains a tier-1 client list that includes nationally recognized electronics, entertainment, and home improvement brands. Worldwide Vision is also noted for its employee benefits programs and career development strategies.

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