Worldwide Vision Creates Positive Work Environment, Listens to Employee Needs

New research shows that many businesses are listening to employee suggestions to offer more lenient scheduling and policies during summer months as a way to boost office moral. Worldwide Vision, an employee-focused company, highlights the importance of satisfying staff and offers more suggestions on how to keep workplaces productive and happy.

Raleigh, North Carolina (PRBuzz) June 25, 2012 -- A new research study conducted by one staffing service called OfficeTeam reveals that many employees are asking their employers to provide more flexible scheduling and minimize certain policies during summer months. As noted in an article from FOX News, many businesses are open to these suggestions and have made significant workplace changes in order to boost morale and keep productivity at its best. Marketing firm, Worldwide Vision has always maintained a heavy focus on creating a beneficial work environment for employees and states that staff-focused benefits should be considered during every season.

The article notes that the exact desires coming from summer-time employees. These include flexible scheduling, earlier release on Fridays, more company picnics and a more comfortable dress code. While some business owners may think these changes would decrease productivity, the study offers surprising results that companies are actually willing to make these adjustments to retain employees and maintain a happy work atmosphere. From its own experience, Worldwide Vision stands by the attitude that without happy employees, no one will be happy; that includes management, and more importantly, the company's clientele.

FOX News reports that only six percent of surveyed businesses were not willing to make any of the listed changes to their summer operations. The article states, "A majority of employers are giving workers what they want. Three-quarters of employers allowed flexible schedules and 63 percent allowed workers to leave early on Fridays. More than half of employers relaxed their dress code and just more than a quarter of workers offered a company picnic." While these positive changes may make for a better summer work environment, Worldwide Vision adds that there should be even more continual benefits for employees.

The company is known for offering unique management training, weekly "team nights," and even all-inclusive resort trips to the Bahamas as a way to reward stellar employees. The company also focuses on promoting within, to ensure familiarity with the company and to prove that hard work pays off. One representative from Worldwide Vision concludes on the company's management style by stating, "Without question, we listen to our employees to get a better understanding of what is and what's not important in their everyday lives, while also holding an open door policy at all time. "


Worldwide Vision specializes in marketing for high-level corporations through standard-setting in-store promotions and face-to-face interaction with customers. The company works on behalf of its' clients products and services and introduces them to a wider customer base. Founded in 2007, the company is located in Raleigh, North Carolina and has grown from representing local businesses and entertainers to serve a much broader clientele. Today, Worldwide Vision has offices located throughout the country and offers marketing services for a wide array of industries.

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