Purlem.com Proves Landing Pages Can Have Pazzaz - Announcing Launch of PURL Template Editor.

Purlem.com Proves Landing Pages Can Have Pazzaz - Announcing Launch of PURL Template Editor.

Dale Carnegie once said that nobody likes anything more than hearing their own name. As Purlem.com proves, seeing one's own name can drive conversions through the roof. Wanting to help business owners everywhere bank more bucks - they today announced the launch of their PURL Template Editor.

Chicago, IL  (PRBuzz.com) March 7, 2012 -- PURLs (Personalized URLs) are rapidly being poised as the ultimate way to increase online conversion rates. Purlem.com, a web-based platform that's leading the way in the PURL movement, is today announcing the launch of their innovative template editor.

The company's PURL Template Editor gives marketers of all abilities an opportunity to create beautiful, fully-functional landing pages that are personalized to each visitor.

With a focus on allowing businesses to present the most appealing content to their audience, the PURL Template Editor puts the power in anyone's hands in minutes.

"Our goal with creating the PURL Template Editor was to make it incredibly easy to both design and personalize the Landing Page." says Marty Thomas, Purlem's Founder. "Because, when a Landing Page is personalized to each and every visitor, the magic really happens".

The Purlem platform allows marketers to choose from a myriad of design layouts, change the colors and upload images. They can even create a survey/questionnaire, add personalized content and finally create a unique web address for each recipient.

Each PURL contains the recipient's name within the web address (e.g - www.joesmith.domain.com) - with the hope that the unique format with catch the recipient's attention and prompt them to click the link.

However, the personalization doesn't end there. After the clicking the link, Joe will be greeted with a 100% personalized landing page which is relevant to him. This is thanks to the power of the PURL Template Editor, allowing fast personalization, such as greeting the web user with their first name, using a simple drop-down menu.

Aside from the functionality, the team at Purlem placed a huge focus on accessibility - ensuring that their layouts are fully compatible with all browsers and mobile devices.

"Now everybody, no matter their skill level, can create professional looking PURL marketing campaigns," says Thomas. "Anybody that uses direct mail or email marketing can now increase their response and conversion rates with PURLs".

Advanced users that want full control of the design can create their own templates, or work directly with the HTML source code to modify the design of the Landing Page to their specifications.

The PURL Template Editor is the latest addition to Purlem's marketing application, making it easy and affordable to create PURL marketing campaigns.

Purlem can be found online at: http://www.purlem.com  


About Purlem

Purlem is a web-based application that enables companies to develop new business with Personalized URLs. A Personalized URL, or "PURL," is a unique website personalized to each prospect or customer. PURLs are known to substantially increase response rates and overall marketing effectiveness. With a focus on being affordable and easy to use, Purlem has become the fastest growing Personalized URL platform in the world.

For more information visit http://www.purlem.com

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