ZetPDF Becomes the Fastest PDF SDK for .NET Applications


A .NET SDK of its own kind, ZetPDF is a software which adds PDF render in .NET applications and also supports printing of the modified applications. The application comes with a PDF viewer control which is suited for Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight. It also has a .NET library which can be used in the rendering as well as printing of PDF files from any kind of .NET application. The PDF viewer comes with a number of features: it is capable to support the annotating of PDF files, can bookmark navigation, and also add and remove file attachments.

The toolkit of ZetPDF has its very own machine for rendering PDFs, and it doesn't have to rely on a different software for the same. Entirely in C# pdf sdk, and a hundred percent manage coded, it is fully self efficient. WinForms and WPF & Silverlight are the two different editions that SDK comes in.

The ZetPDK SDK comes with a huge number of listed features. Documents can be read, viewed and modified in the PDF format. As the PDF SDK is a hundred percent .NET component and is entirely written in C#, it is not simply a COM wrapper. PDFs can be annotated with hyperlinks and texts; sketches and complex binary objects can be included in them. Documents are ensured with high level protection with the presence of the AES256 cryptography. Acrofields can be created, read and written from various fields.

About ZetPDF:
ZetPDF is a .NET PDF SDK that can be used in the creation, modification and conversion of PDF documents, despite of not having the Adobe Acrobat application. It is available in three different price groups- the $99 1 Developer license, the 4 Developer license priced at $249 and the Corporate license pack costing $499.

For more information, please visit https://zetpdf.com/

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