Glammed Naturally Oil Offers The Best Hair Oil To Help With Healthy Hair Growth

Harriman, NY (February 09, 2018) – Hair fall is a debilitating issue. It can add stress to the person experiencing it. The founder of Glammed Naturally Oil Mrs. Jummie Ogunyemi had the same problem and she tried out different oils by combining essential oils and she found a solution for her hair loss.

She says that she has a natural love towards her natural hair. She started natural 5 years back and tried varied products. She found that some worked for her and some did not work. After spending two years in natural hair loss treatment, she started bringing together oils and found that it actually worked for her. So, she started making bottles for family members and friends. She got a warm welcome from her friends and family members. She loved it and her sister-in-law motivated her to make it a business and she helped others.

The mission of the founder of Glammed Naturally Oil is to inspire naturalists from around the world for embracing and love their natural state of hair. Natural is attractive, while avoiding relaxers might be easier said than done.

The natural hair growth oil offered by Glammed Naturally Oil is available in three different sizes starting 2 Oz, 4 Oz and 8 Oz packages. The hair oil formula encompasses tea tree oil, lavender oil, olive, castor, jojoba, and rosemary and sesame seed oil. It will help with healthy hair growth and it can also be effectively used as a daily moisturizer for those with dry hair issue.

Further, the bottle applicator is an added advantage with this hair oil. The user will have different pouring levels in such a way that the user can apply the oil to the scalp at the right quantity without spending too much oil at a single time.

In addition to offering the best hair growth and braid oil, Glammed Naturally Oil also offers 10-minute free consultation for those looking for an effective hair loss consultation. Those looking for natural growth oil will find this oil effective for their day-to-day use as the founder of Glammed Naturally Oil has experienced fruitful results for herself before she launched the product and shipped to Canada and the UK markets.

About Glammed Naturally Oil:
Glammed Naturally Oil is a family business run by the founder and her husband. The goal of the founder Jummie Ogunyemi is to help more women and men achieve healthy hair. The ingredients the two oils offered by this company are handmade and they are purely natural to help men and women struggling with hair loss and other issues related to scalp like dandruff and itchiness. The founder aims at helping people discover a secret solution for hair loss issue.

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