Personal Injury Claim Rejections by Lawyers

Personal Injury Claim Rejections by Lawyers

There are times when we are sure that we are eligible for compensation for a personal injury case; however, we are sorely disappointed when a lawyer rejects our case. This article will discuss the reasons why a lawyer might reject a personal injury case and what you can do thereafter.

Before you can evaluate all your options and decide on the next step, it’s important to gain an understanding of why an attorney might turn down your personal injury claim. There are a number of simple reasons why this may occur, and it could be something as basic as the attorney not having the time right now to take on your case. Or it may be that there is a conflict of interest involving someone from the other side of the case; in such a situation the attorney is under an ethical obligation to decline your case. If the reason has to do with the lawyer and not your case, then you simply need to find another lawyer. However, if the reason is more complicated than that, it may fall into one of the following scenarios:
- Your case is not ‘winnable’ - it is important to note that lawyers will turn down a case where there is very little or no chance of winning. If a lawyer files a case that he or she knows, or should know, has no merit, the lawyer could be ‘sanctioned’ by the court and would be required to pay for the costs and fees the opposing side had to pay in order to defend such a frivolous case. For example, a lawyer will reject a case where the statute of limitations has been missed or where there is clearly no viable legal basis for holding the other person liable. However, if your case has been rejected by a lawyer stating that it is not winnable, but you strongly believe in the merits of your claim, it is advisable to reach out to a few more lawyers to hear what they have to say. If they also  reject your case for the same reason, then it is safe to assume that you should not bring your lawsuit.

- It is not worth it - one attorney stated that, “it is important for potential clients to realize that lawyers have to invest a significant amount of time and money into a personal injury case. And as with most personal injury lawyers, they will not be paid unless they win the case. So, sometimes even if a case has merit, the value of the case is so low that it is not worth the amount of damages the individual will win compared to the the cost of litigating the case”. For example, most personal injury cases rely on medical records to prove your claim. Your case will not be worth pursuing if you never saw a doctor or your injury is minor.

-It is a very distinct type of personal injury case - it may be that your case is a personal injury case type that requires an attorney who focuses on that type of personal injury case. For example, if your case involves medical malpractice, product liability or worker’s compensation, then you will need to consult a lawyer who has experience with those types of cases as they can be complex. If you have been injured in an aircraft accident, seek out legal advice and representation from Alaska aircraft accidents lawyers .

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