The Kapuhala Team Organized a Meeting on 20th December 2017 to Inspire Aspiring Athletes


For athletes and also for those aspiring to become athletes, they can get the best sporting opportunity, training, nutrition, food, living and well-being everything in a single place in a sustainable manner at Kapuhala.  

The Kapuhala Team was previously called as Pachino Running and the team has designed their movement for individuals, who love sustainable and good food. Further, they offer the excellent opportunity for those, who wish to train themselves on a daily basis to prepare themselves for the forthcoming races. Further, the team offers the excellent space for those, who enjoy soothing themselves in eco-resorts that will help them in recharging their soul, body, and mind.

The team recently conducted a meeting with a view to support the value of sport and to spread the same across the world with Sicily at the starting point. The team changed their name after the association with the Kapuhala Training Farm Resort, which is positively the first training-farm of this kind in the world.

The excellent thing about this resort is that aspiring athletes and established athletes visiting as guests to this resort, in addition, consuming fresh farmed seasonal foods will also train themselves in a relaxing environment.

About Kaphuhala Team:
The MD of the Kaphuhala Team Marco Passarello along with Stefano, the visionary and brother of the project were present in the meeting. The team proposes to propel the sports culture for young and adults from the Southeast Sicily, which is turning to be a sports hub in the world.

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