Colorado-Based Peterson Canvas & Awning To Offer Custom Industrial Sewing Services in Fort Collins

Fort Collins, CO – In a recent announcement for 2018, Peterson Canvas & Awning will begin to offer professionally crafted industrial sewing services for local businesses and customers in Fort Collins, Colorado. This new service is an ideal addition for the company, since many of their products and services revolve around shading systems and fabrics.

The industrial sewing machine is designed for stitching covers that enclose heavy equipment, such as cars and boats or upholstery, sails, tarps, tents, safety harnesses, and much more. Prices vary greatly, depending on the material, size and design of the cover. Covers can be customized with a straight-stitch only design or even have a zigzag stitching.

Peterson Canvas & Awning’s sewing services are versatile, which allows them to accommodate production volumes from 1 to 2,000 with a high degree of quality and efficiency. They can sew materials such as cotton, synthetic canvas, Kevlar, laminations, meshes, neoprene, nylon, polyester, vinyl, or laminated polyester.

The new custom industrial sewing services also have powerful features capable of being used to finish blankets or other heavy garments. They produce stitches that add a timeless homespun feel. Some of the older versions have been modified for specific use on heavy wool blankets. Because of their quality engineering and construction, Peterson Canvas & Awning offers new custom industrial sewing services that is available for clients located in North America.

The sewing machines that are used are among the latest produced, being very fast contrasted with the more previous sewing machines. The machines used offer the ability to follow details without making considerable errors or flaws. Having a variety of potential uses, the machines are capable of being used for making animal products, bags, banners, boat covers, curtains, and much more.

About Peterson Canvas & Awning
Peterson Canvas has been in operation since 1957. Jim Myers and Tim Carroll have been the owners since 2005. We are the oldest, most established custom canvas company serving the Front Range of Northern Colorado, and beyond.

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