Vertical Farming Market – Can it be a revolution in the Agriculture Industry?

Vertical Farming Market – Can it be a revolution in the Agriculture Industry?

Vertical Farming Market is exactly what its name suggests, more of an technological innovation than a farmers delight,Vertical Farming is the is a form of farming used to produce food and even medicine in structures such as skyscraopes, old used warehouses and/or containers not necessarily vertical these farms are distinguished from the conventional farming in the sense they are not laid out over a vast field.

Vertical Farming triumphs over the conventional way of farming by using a variety of techniques such as making use of indoor warehouses which enables a controlled environment agricultures.These facilities include the artificial control of light and other various activities that are near to impossible to control in the conventional sense of farming such as humidity, temperature atmospheric gases and so on.

Vertical farming is both different and same with the way greenhouses work where natural sunlight is supported with artificial lighting.The types of vertical farming techniques that are widely used are mixed-use skyscrapers, Despommier´s skyscrapers and stackable shipping containers,Mixed use skyscapers are meant to cater to personal or community use rather than wholesale distribution and production for an entire city for example,its requires a lot less investment than the other ways of vertical farming. Despommier´s skyscrapers are in comparison meant for mass cultivation and use of plant life for commercial purposes instead.

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Vertical farming is a not a very new concept but still in its infancy, so it comes as no surprise that it has its fair share of problems. People on the other spectrum of the debate question its profitability citing the lack of technological innovation which diminishes its likeability compared to traditional methods of farming. The extra costs related to it in the form of lighting heating and powering very much negate the benefits in terms of transportation expenses. Any observer can see that during the growing season the sunlight is at an extreme angle for a vertical surface compared to flat land , some researchers have even gone on to predict that supplemental light is one of the major issues here if not the biggest.

Points in favor of Vertical farming are that it is a form of preparation for future when it will be able to increase the yield per hectare of crops, if designed properly they eliminate the help to create a cleaner environment. Increased crop production is cited as another favorable point given the freedom from the weather related problems, conservation and more efficient use of resources, withdrawing of human activity from large areas also helps in halting the slow and eventual mass extinction of forests and wildlife.

Vertical Farming is currently being researched upon in a lot of countries such as the USA, China and UAE.A lot of cities are also undertaking some form of vertical farming and even setting up associations to look and regulate it in the best way possible. The market is geographically divided into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle-East & Africa. In 2016, North America led the global vertical farming market, taking the major chunk of the market. It is followed by Europe. Easier availability of technology coupled with infrastructure facilities are driving the market in these regions. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing market because of the need to provide for the rapidly swelling population, with limited land availability. The market faces good growth in the Middle-East and Africa regions as an alternative to land farming techniques which are tough to implement in these regions. Major players involved in the development of the vertical farming market are Illumitex Inc. (U.S.), Aerofarms (U.S.), Koninklijke Philips N.V. (The Netherlands), and Sky Greens (Singapore) among others.

Food security is one of the basic goals of a society, being able to predict and plan for it allows for growth and sustainability, as such Vertical Farming is bound to take leaps and bounds in the coming decade and is already seeing a lot of investment from major corporations and countries alike.

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