Do you meet any trouble with Map Drop rates in PoE 3.1

Do you meet any trouble with Map Drop rates in PoE 3.1

Hey, I am playing Path of Exile 3.1 for sometime and I try to get this completion rate from the atlas, I have needed to buy about 80% from the maps on my small atlas, so I need to farm more orbs in Abyss, and it's really not easy to farm orb in the game, I have to do a lot of works to get some orbs as reward!

As you can tell, I've formed all maps from T1 to T15. The only real map within my T14 is Formed Vault, and also the Only T15 is Formed Siege.

In Addition, I got the Elder and Shaper Fight to switch/flop on Vault each time I run it, giving more pack Size

I've Sextant Blocked Vault, to be able to only obtain the rare sextants around the 7 touching it and Pack size. Every map I run is 20% quality, 80%  IIQ, and 20%  pack size.

I've got a Well Folded Bisco's Collar and Windripper for additional IIQ.

This is a pic of my current Map pool and equipment in my character.

As you can tell my map pool above T11 is finished garbage. Ive needed to buy the last 9 Formed Vaults I've run. where I only got 1 Return of the Formed Vault map from running it.

The maps within my bag would be the maps I caused by my last 3 runs. As you can tell, not really a Single T14 or T15.

According to my experience, since i have don't have any other T14 or T15, with 143% map completion, there must be more available maps to operate from individuals tiers. Compared to 3. League, I'd Formed Spider Forest and Vault within my T11 and T12 Map pool, and Sustain was possible.

Next I wanna perform a quick cost break lower of the whole investment.

Guardians/Shaper completion - 125c (maps/moving maps/completion service)

Buying maps from T9 and above - 80c

Sextant Blocking Vault - 100c

Total Setup Investment - 305c

Price of running Formed Vault (sample size=3)

Formed Vault Map - 36c each (purchased 8 @12c)

Moving Formed Vault - 12 Chisels, 3 Alchemy, 4c re-roll (9c total)

Fortune Favors the Bold - 9c

6 Yellow Sextant - 24c

1 Red Sextant - 7c

Total recurring investment - 85c (3 maps)

As you can tell Setting this ready to go this is very costly. Whenever you element in the price of purchasing the maps each time, and never obtaining a single Return. Its simply stupid.

I watch Streamers get one to three maps per run.. AlKaizer and Emperyian Gaming. I follow the things they say as well as their Atlas tips. However this continues to be my 3.1 experience which is my outlet to vent. If there's anybody available who required time to obtain Orb in game, just go to to buy some, which would be a easier way to get orbs in Path of Exile 3.1

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