Grow Light Market – Unique Innovation in Urban Farming Methods

Grow Light Market – Unique Innovation in Urban Farming Methods

A Grow Light is a specialized light source that has applications in the indoor farming sector. These powerful specialized artificial lamps emit the same wavelength of light as that of sun. Hence, they create the necessary quantum energy required for photosynthesis. Therefore, these lamps are primarily used for artificial induction of photosynthesis in plants and as such provides a unique opportunity for indoor farming. The global grow light market has prospered owing to the necessity of indoor farming activity.

How Does Grow Lights Help In Farming?

Apart from the primary motive of extended daylight period and significant time for photosynthesis, these grow lights work intrinsically. With the availability of these lights, a controlled condition of plant growth is maintained. This helps in planting crops throughout the year. It is no longer necessary to wait for a particular season for different plants. With the help Grow Lights, we can create the lighting and temperature of a specific season. Other factors required for plant growth like pH, salinity, fertilizers, and nutrients are regularly supplied to mimic the natural seasonal conditions.

Moreover, an extended period of lighting provides the necessary ingredients or elements for better plant health, leading to higher growth rate in plants. There is also a quick growth in plants thereby effectively catering to the demand of food supply through a greater yield.

The benefits or advantages of Grow Lights in enhancing the capacity of indoor farming include:

Increases the daylight period
Provides artificial energy for photosynthesis
Improves plant health
Prolongs crop cultivation period
Increases the plant growth rate
Increases the crop yield
Therefore, it can be opined that Grow Light plays an essential role in indoor farming.

Factors responsible for the growth of the Grow Light Market

Market analysis through research reports shows that the applications of grow light are likely to increase in the coming decades. An estimated 4.21 billion US dollars is the projected net value of global grow light market by the end of 2021. According to reputed research reports, the expected growth rate in this sector is at a CAGR of 11%. This massive boom in the global grow light market is due to a gradual shift in the paradigm of doing farming through innovative methods.

As more and more people are migrating to cities for a better livelihood, the urban population has immensely swelled up. United Nations estimates that 80% of the world population will be living in the cities by the year 2050. Hence, to sustain this enormous population significant amount of food is necessary which cannot be supplied by the agrarian economy alone.

The cities or metros will need to meet their own demands. Moreover, more population in the cities will lead to a higher space crunch. Therefore, to produce more food indoor farming techniques are required and these techniques include farming under LED lights, plasma light farming, and vertical farming. Grow Light is an essential part of all these methods.

Thus, the factors leading to a boom in the global grow light market include:

Increased urbanization
Increased demand for food and other necessities.
More scope of alternative farming methods
Loss of green spaces in cities or metros

Research on indoor farming does show that there is a relatively higher growth in the plasma lighting market than other farming lighting methods. Plasma lighting alone will witness an estimated 23% growth rate by the year 2025. Moreover, owing to a greater population, the Asia-Pacific region will see the most growth in this sector. As a result, a substantial amount of government revenue will be spent on these initiatives leading to further developments. Hence, this region is likely to drive up the market statistics and countries falling under this zone will hugely benefit from it.


Looking at all the vital statistics, the role of Grow Lights and its impact in the farming sector is quite clear. With the advancement in farming technologies, the farming methods have undergone a rapid change and grow lights have become a potential farming tool in this era of technology. In some ways, it has made sustainable development achievable by restoring the food balance in the metropolitan cities by providing food security to the vast urban population. Hence, the global grow light market is here to stay, and it will monopolize the urban food supplying market in the coming years.

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