Flying Star 2018 Feng Shui Forecast is now available at has just released a detailed feng shui flying star forecast for the year 2018 (Year of the Dog).

Xuan Kong which is Flying Star Feng Shui in Mandarin is the most recognized of Feng Shui schools. It has been noted throughout history as being very accurate and efficient. Unlike other schools of Feng Shui Flying Stars drops the notion of one location or one direction having certain energetic properties and instead adopts a notion which favors change. Change is said to be one of the characteristic of time and is the recurring theme of Flying Star Feng Shui. Practitioners of Flying Star believe that since time means change then so must Feng Shui principles change, for example, favorable and positive locations in your home or place of work will change each over time.

Flying Stars is a term that refers to the nine celestial stars that can have certain influences. The alignment of the stars can bring individual luck and fortune or disaster and downfall. You of course want the stars aligned positively to enhance yourself, family or people you care about positively. Using Feng Shui Cures you can mitigate the adverse effects of negatively aligned stars. This is done mainly through the use of the five Feng Shui elements which are fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Introducing one of these elements can impact a stars effect as each star has it's own inherent element which will interact with the element you choose to introduce. This will lessen or increase the effects stars have.

Many modern day practitioners like to combine Flying Star Feng Shui with astrology or numerology. It is to be noted however Flying Star is neither and is actually based completely on both logic and mathematical alignment. Practitioners use instead specific formula to influence and understand the patterns of chi. Chi is the energy of the universe and all living things, theoretically we are all connected to the primordial energy of the universe which permeates everything. Flying Star Feng Shui studies this theory of chi and how it affects us through geomagnetic directional patterns, the stars, and how we can in turn influence this energy on us in both our homes and work places. Physical forces and geomagnetism are thought to have an effect on chi but the relationship between chi and Feng Shui are much more complex than can be described here.

Based on a diagram of nine numbers Flying Star sketches these numbers onto a Lo Shu magic square. Traditionally these numbers in a diagram were printed on the back of turtle shells. Flying Star Feng Shui takes into account the location of magnetic North and South poles along with other calculations to provide very specific numbers. The hypothesis is that each symbol is provided by nature and are given a color and the numbers shift or change according to hour, day, month, year and twenty year period.

About is a well known feng shui website providing detailed feng shui forecast since its inception in the year 1999. They provide yearly feng shui and flying star forecast to help readers get ready for the new year. Learn more about the 2018 flying star forecast at


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