Visionsforge Announces Groundbreaking 3D Printer’s Launch on Kickstarter

Visionsforge Announces Groundbreaking 3D Printer’s Launch on Kickstarter Visionsforge Announces Groundbreaking 3D Printer’s Launch on Kickstarter Visionsforge Announces Groundbreaking 3D Printer’s Launch on Kickstarter

Forge 1 is the first 3d printer to use a tablet to cure resin, which drastically cuts down costs for consumers.

BEVILARD, SWITZERLAND, DECEMBER 19, 2017 - Visionsforge founder and CEO Fabrizio Guadagnino has set out to deliver a groundbreaking 3D printer that will cost a fraction of the price of today’s comparable SLA 3D printers. After nearly two years of product development, the Visionsforge team is debuting a Kickstarter campaign that will bring Guadagnino’s dream to life.

The Forge 1 will cost up to six times less than comparable SLA printers, and it will adeptly offer leading-edge 20,000 cubic centimeter print volume. The Forge 1’s abilities - and cost-effectiveness - are delivered by way of a brand new technology. Visionsforge has created a process in which the Forge 1 leverages the light from a tablet to cure the resin, making it the first in the world to do this.

The computing power of the tablet is involved into the printing process, which results in the Forge 1 being cheaper, more flexible, simpler, and more reliable. “What is not here, cannot break,” said Guadagnino.

Another reason for the cost-effectiveness of the Forge 1 is its ease of upgrade. When a new and enhanced tablet comes on the market, users can just put it inside the drawer.

Everything from the software to the raw infrastructure of the Forge 1 has been designed to be easily upgraded; if for example a new, bigger interface comes out, users can purchase just the new front lower part of Forge 1, with the new interface integrated on it and mount it in few minutes.

Guadagnino said, “Forge 1 is very robust and built to last many decades. We chose classic lines and engineered it from the very beginning with ease of upgrade in mind”.

The Forge 1 is also a hyper ecological 3D printer. For each Forge 1 sold, Visionsforge will plant a tree; 50 trees have already been planted.

According to Guadagnino, “I hope other entrepreneurs will follow our example because in that case, there would be millions of trees planted every year.”

Visionsforge is aiming to be a socially responsible company taking 3D printing where it’s yet to go. By offering more affordable solutions, Visionsforge will make it possible for consumers everywhere to purchase and utilize an industrial grade sla 3D printer that is innovative, reliable, affordable, 100% safe and comfortable to use (with the tablet the temperature in the print chamber is the same as the room temperature) and always up to date.

The Forge 1 Kickstarter campaign will officially launch on December 21, 2017.

The early bird packages are limited to 100.

More information can be and at


About Visionsforge:

Visionsforge is a tech industry startup dedicated to bringing 3D printing to the masses with cutting-edge, cost-effective solutions such as the Forge 1.


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