Professional wrestler (WWE / WCW) stars in Hollywood - Bollywood Feature Film

Professional wrestler (WWE / WCW) and former NXT head trainer Bill DeMott stars in the upcoming film, "The Kamasutra Garden", which recently completed post-production and is tentatively scheduled to be released on Valentine's Day. The film is widely accepted in social media, with over 300,000 followers in the official page. The trailer is watched over 3 Million times and is shared by hundreds of trailer channels. Film Website:

Synopsis of "The Kamasutra Garden"
A successful businessman, “Steve Banks,” an exotic madam, “Sheila,” and a scandalous sex guru, “Swami Kamalesh” team up to start an elite brothel called “The Kamasutra Garden” in Nevada. What is so unique about this brothel? It is the only brothel in the world where the girls are trained in “Kamasutra,” the ancient art and science of lovemaking. At Steve’s request, an award winning documentary film maker “William Thomas” visits “The Kamasutra Garden” to prepare a documentary about the brothel and about the girls who work there. Tucked away in a remote desert town in Nevada is, “The Kamasutra Garden,” where the girls are young, beautiful and every man’s fantasy. However, William soon discovers the complex lives and secrets of the women who work there.

Soul Music that connects “East” to “West”
The songs of the film are composed by talented musicians Arpit Gandhi, Perry Woo and Peter Lam with Riju R. Sam as the lyricist. The music album has 8 songs with the titles “Halloween Trick or Treat”, “Love Song”, “This is my Temple”, “Goodbye Song”, “Om Kamadevaya Vidmahe”, “Hare Rama Hare Krishna”, “Hey Mahaprabho” and “Love Song” (Bonus Track). The rare blend of western and Indian music combination makes this music album a valuable and a collectible copy. Please click the link below to review song tracks online:

For more information. Please visit The Kamasutra Garden Website:

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