Daniel Sater Creates Credit Scoring Certification Exam For Nacso

Daniel Sater, a Nationally Recognized Credit Repair Expert and Credit Expert Witness has created a new certification exam and training program to certify expert knowledge of credit scoring for NACSO, a non-profit Trade Association for the Credit Repair Industry. Dan is the founder of Credit Scoring Advisor, a nationwide credit repair organization.

Dan’s expert knowledge of the FICO credit scoring models, as well as the numerous other scoring models will benefit many credit repair companies that are members of NACSO, The National Association of Credit Service Organizations.
He is a big believer that you can never have too much education and knowledge of the inner workings of the Credit Scoring Models, or how the Credit Reporting Agencies handle your credit information.

Mr. Sater is the Education Chairman for NACSO and has written the Membership Exam required for membership in the professional trade association. The exam covers the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA, Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA), the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA) as well as CROA, the Credit Repair Organization Act. Dan says that, “having a working understanding, and basic knowledge of the consumers laws is of utmost value to consumers needing assistance with improving and correction errors on their credit reports.

Upon successful completion of the exam, NACSO has credited a new logo showing the competency in understanding credit scoring models, and especially how the FICO scoring model actually works. A more advance course and exam on Credit Scoring is in the works. Companies interested in becoming members should contact Mr. Sater.

About Us
As a Credit Expert Witness, Daniel Sater has a great understanding of how errors, inaccuracies, and even stranger’s credit information can end up on someone’s credit reports, and, how the Consumer Laws can be used to bring about a more accurate credit report.

Daniel Sater
Credit Scoring Advisor www.CreditScoringAdvisor.com
Credit Expert Witness www.danielsater.com
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