IFC Inflow Offers Tanker Loading and Safe Access Systems

IFC Inflow Offers Tanker Loading and Safe Access Systems

IFC Inflow is working at the forefront of technology and innovation to design, build, and supply their top-quality range of tanker loading and safe access systems to their clientele. Amongst the equipment they provide; fall prevention systems, tanker loading arms, flow meters & pumps, depot & terminal automation, loading & metering skids, and swivel joints. IFC Inflow are market experts with over 30 years of experience offering cost-effective solutions to their clients worldwide.

Speaking about their chemical truck loading systems, the Chief Engineer said, “Designed to be flexible and adaptable to where they are sited, our variety of chemical loading arms can handle substances such as solvents, paints, chemicals, foods & beverages, and alcohol along with other liquids which require special handling. We have both the bottom and top loading types, available in carbon steel and stainless steel models in sizes from two inches to six inches. Made-to-measures services are also available, and we can always design and build a particular loading arm to meet our customers’ unique requirements.”

Safety is paramount while working with any loading system, especially at challenging heights. IFC Inflow is offering options of both fixed and flexible tanker fall prevention systems to enhance the safety of working atop loading and unloading platforms. Their fall prevention systems have been made to conform to internationally accepted standards of Working at Height Safety Regulations and have over 30 years of proven results in various blue chip industries. To provide bespoke solutions, IFC Inflow has tailored their solutions to have a multi-level platform with sturdy pneumatic powered folding stairs and a platform that can be lifted or lowered to required levels.

On their loading supplies, the Marketing Manager said, “We have been rated among the leading top loading arm suppliers globally by market analytics. Top loading arms have for been relied upon for decades by companies that require their products to be loaded into the upper part of tankers and are a budget friendly option when the costs of changing to a bottom loading system are very high. The top loading arms we supply are very flexible and can be easily fitted with a Scully Monitoring System to prevent overfilling and assist in vapor recovery.”

IFC Inflow has a line of PD flow meters branded as Acuflow. The Positive Displacement flow meters have been made for durability and are suitable for use in hazardous areas with the highest accuracy range of +/- 0.15%. Providing a flow rate of between 25 to 3,000 liters per minute, the flow meters are perfect for bulk metering of petrochemicals and oil. IFC Inflow supplies their PD flow meters complete with a mechanical register or an optional electronic register for digital monitoring.

About IFC Inflow
IFC Inflow is providing a one-stop solution for all safe access and tanker loading systems. The company works on designs, manufacturing, supplies, installations, and tests to provide trusted solutions to firms that require bulk liquid transfers.

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