Wzsnlon.Com Has Become a Leading Screw and Bolt Manufacturer in the Market

Continuous up gradation in quality of all the bolts and screws has ensured the title of best manufacturer in the market for Wenzhou Shenglong Standard Component Manufacture Co. Ltd. This has also helped the company to pass the ISO9001 TS16949:2009 system certification easily. This has been the most remarkable achievement for a company with only 21 years of experience in this field.

The Wenzhou Shenglong Standard Component Manufacture Co. Ltd specializes in Flange Bolts Flange Screws, assembled bolts, welding nuts and bolts, non-auto fasteners and many more. In short anything related to nut bolts and screws is their speciality. They use different types of surface finish for different types of products. Some of their very famous coatings are yellow Zinc plating, Brass plating, hot dipped Galvanized and many more. The company is typically known for its regular supervision of quality and high customer satisfaction ratio. For manufacturing the flange bolt and flange screw they use automatic thread rolling and thread inspection systems to ensure high end accuracy.

The best part of the products is the high quality raw material used to make it. From stainless steel to brass, copper and aluminium, you will get any screws and nut bolts of this company. Established in 1996, the aim of the company is customer satisfaction. To maintain a high customer satisfaction ration they have always kept upgrading their process of quality management and quality checking. This resulted an easy certification of the entire recent system quality standard. The main products of them are the Custom Cnc Machined Parts. They have been recognised as the top manufacturer of these tools nationwide this year. The high customer satisfaction ratio is the main reason of it.

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