Bryan Roland the Creator of AutoDock Car Organizer Has Posted a Campaign in Kickstarter for Funds

Los Angeles, CA (September 11, 2017) – With the increasing road accidents due to distractions caused by mobile phones while on the ride, Bryan Roland thought about ways to make driving safe for drivers without getting distracted by their smartphones and tablets. This thought led to the birth of Auto deck, which is an organizer table for different models of smartphones.

Now, the creator has posted a campaign on Kickstarter seeking support from people for this project. The funds will be used for getting this table to every car out there. The aim is to create a future with less distraction and lesser accidents.

Autodeck can hold every mobile phone in the market, iPads, and GPSs. Not just these tech gadgets, this table can also help with organizing drinks, lighters, papers, pens, business cards and even a concealed carry.

People supporting this campaign on Kickstarter will help the creator of the table to organize the world one car at a time.

About Bryan Roland:
Bryan Roland began his BSR Consulting in the year 2011 and he has been successful in his business ventures and practices. He started his own management company and brought the most popular mid-west work ethic along with him to Los Angeles. His ventures continue to grow inclusive of the car organizer.

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