A New Horizon in Project Finance

A New Horizon in Project Finance

In project financing issues, the most difficult task for project owners is to find the most suitable financial engineering instrument, taking into account the resources, securities and, of course, the most stressing factor, time. In the absence of professionals with due expertise and competence, it is not easy for the person implementing the project to find their way in the financial world.

At the same time, for capitalists and financiers wishing to invest their money, finding the most suitable place for their assets is a serious challenge. Filtering out bad quality and risky customers requires a huge effort from analysts.

Billbarter Group supplies outstanding quality services for both parties. The Company Group developed an efficient methodology to secure the financial background of the projects through the exploitation of its own connections and multiple years of financial experience.

According to Márton Hodnics CEO, ‘The key for our operational success is that we represent our partners’ interest with an analytic approach and engage a professional and expert group, and we always find the financing solutions scheme that suits the demand, as well as the appropriate safe and profitable investment opportunities.’

Billbarter Group Is a group of international project management and finance brokerage with Central European roots. In the past years, it was primarily active and achieved success in project financing in the European region. With more than 25,000 satisfied customers, the Company now manages a project portfolio exceeding EUR 7.5 billion value and has closed numerous success stories (www.billbartergroup.com).

The Company which, in its today’s form, has been present in the market for 6 years and has been developing dynamically, considers that it is time to open new horizons towards the United States.

The Company is pleased to participate in the financing of any project that has a duly prepared and elaborated business plan, regardless of the sector, and provided that the project value reaches the minimum threshold of USD 5M.

Furthermore, the Company is willing to cooperate with financial partners, including private capitalists and investment funds or financial institutions, who are searching for investment opportunities in the region.

According to Thomas Stonewell, the Director responsible for the Company Group’s international relations, the company’s motto according to which ‘When others say NO, we say HOW’ properly reflects both our attitude in connection with the tasks and our perseverance. For us, the most important thing is the partner’s success and we invest all our knowledge and connections therefor.

Thomas Stonewell -International Relation Director
Billbarter Group United Kingdom-H3 Shortlands, Hammersmith, London, W6 8DA




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