The Future of Hiring: Pay for Results, Not Postings

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - (PRBUZZ) - October 22, 2009 -- My Job Referrals presents a new service enabling employers and recruiters to utilize referrals to find qualified candidates online. This new Pay-Per-Lead service enables employers and recruiters to locate qualified candidates for open positions and only pay if the respondent possesses the required work experience and qualifications for the position.

The Pay-Per-Lead service costs less than traditional job boards and disrupts the outdated approach of charging to post positions without any assurance or guarantee that a qualified candidate will be located. Users of the service get to preview the respondent work experience and only pay for leads that meet their requirements.

The service also enables hiring sources to target the delivery of their job openings to qualified candidates: Our network views the job posts and sends them to people they know are looking to start a new job and have relevant work experience. Getting the job post in front of qualified individuals with is better than simply making it available to millions of unqualified people in the hope of finding the right one.

To learn more about Pay-Per-Lead, sourcing via referrals and other advantages the service provides, visit us at

About My Job Referrals: is an online referral system enabling hiring sources to connect with individuals who refer qualified candidates for open positions and receive a finder fee if their candidate is either viewed or hired. © My Job Referrals, LLC

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