Leonhardt Ventures to Enter Into Worldwide Strategic Collaboration With Neuro Code Tech Holdings for Customized Bioelectric Cancer Treatments

Leonhardt Ventures to Enter Into Worldwide Strategic Collaboration With Neuro Code Tech Holdings for Customized Bioelectric Cancer Treatments Leonhardt Ventures to Enter Into Worldwide Strategic Collaboration With Neuro Code Tech Holdings for Customized Bioelectric Cancer Treatments Leonhardt Ventures to Enter Into Worldwide Strategic Collaboration With Neuro Code Tech Holdings for Customized Bioelectric Cancer Treatments

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Collaboration will draw upon Leonhardt's leading position in bioelectric stimulation controlled protein expression and Neuro Tech Holdings premier customized bioelectric read and write neuro code tumor treatment platform

CancerCell, a Leonhardt Ventures' startup - see video - https://vimeo.com/178690394 - incubating in the Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. innovation accelerator, a private licensable technology platform and team developing personalized bioelectric cancer therapies, announced today that it will enter into a worldwide strategic collaboration with Neuro CodeTech Holdings to develop, manufacture and commercialize novel bioelectric based, individualized bioelectric cancer therapies. The collaboration will combine Leonhardt's leading bioelectric stimulation controlled protein expression portfolio and research program with Neuro Code Tech Holdings proprietary cancer neuro-code read and write technology platform, providing personalized medicine solution to shrinking cancer tumors, by stopping cell division, and starving them of blood supply. Together, the two companies will develop individually tailored cancer therapies against a broad range of cancers to potentially provide a new treatment paradigm for cancer patients.

The collaboration will focus on the development of bioelectric cancer tumor destruction therapies targeting the inactivation of a tumor's ability to continue cell division based upon both Leonhardt's and Neuro Code Tech Holdings individualized cancer therapy clinical platforms for the potential treatment of multiple cancers.  With Neuro Tech Holdings patented technology a patient's cancer tumor’s communication signals can be rapidly read utilizing next generation neural code reading technology to define a spectrum of unique mutation promoting signals that can be jammed and thus prevented from further cell division by a customized bioeleletric return signal.  The Leonhardt bioelectric signal controlled protein expression technology can be used to activate release of a mRNA encoding selected neoepitope which can be manufactured for each individual tumor's mutanome signature by a specific bioelectric signal, which can trigger an immune response highly specific to the tumor resulting in precisely targeted cancer cell death.  The Leonhardt patented and patent pending technology platform includes signals for stopping cell division and halting blood supply to destroy a cancer tumor followed by over thirteen organ regeneration promoting signals and protein expressions to rebuild the organ after the cancer has been eliminated.

Initial clinical development will focus on combination studies targeted at shrinking brain, pancreas and breast cancer tumors. Under the terms of the agreement Leonhardt will pay Neuro Code Tech Holdings in installment payments as near-term and long-term milestones are met and the two companies will share ownership of the startups that receive exclusive licenses to commercialize the combined technologies.

The specific Neuro Code Tech Holdings LLC intellectual property to be utilized in this agreement includes U.S. patent 9,032,964, entitled “Method and system for processing cancer cell electrical signals for medical therapy.”  According to the abstract, a scientific computer system with processor capable of recording, storing, and reprogramming the natural electrical signals of cancer cells as found in tumors of humans and animals. The reprogramming process is designed to create a confounding electrical signal for retransmission into a malignant tumor to damage or shut-down the cellular internal electrical communication system. Altering the electrical charge on the glycocalyx of the outer cell membrane is also part of the treatment by application of ions. The invention causes cancer cell death as a medical treatment using ultra-low voltage and amperage encoded signals which are reprogrammed from cancer cell communication signals.

Dr. Santosh Kesari, Neuro Surgeon and Senior Advisor to CancerCell and CerebraCell, Leonhardt Ventures cos. commented: "We are delighted to collaborate with leading bioelectric personalized cancer therapy inventors such as Eleanor Schuler of Neuro Code Tech Holdings. Supported by its extensive bioelectric stimulation signal protein expression control understanding, the Leonhardt team has been building experience with its proprietary bioelectric driven therapies, often combined with stem cell based compositions, in a number of organ specific applications over nearly three decades.  Combining Leonhardt's broad proprietary capabilities in the design, formulation, manufacturing and clinical testing of combination therapy organ regeneration and controlled protein expression technologies with Neuro Code Tech Holdings’ eminent neural code read and write signaling expertise, will allow us, on a global scale, to drive forward the development of individualized therapies to market to not only treat and potentially stop a broad range of cancers but also to fully regenerate those same organs post cancer.  No other research group we know of is offering this one two punch combination designed to help patients recover to a full quality of life."  Dr. Kesari is Chair and Professor, Department of Translational Neurosciences and Neurotherapeutics, Director, Neuro-oncology the Providence John Wayne Cancer Institue and Director of Neuro-Oncology at the Pacific Neuroscience Institute and Brain Tumor Center both in Santa Monica, California where CancerCell and CerebraCell expect to launch first-in-man clinical trials in the future - http://www.pacificneuroscienceinstitute.org/

Eleanor Schuler, CSO of Neuro Code Tech Holdings LLC added: "This alliance underpins Neuro Code Tech Holding's strategy of collaborating with companies that are committed to developing truly disruptive therapies and its long term ambitions of bringing its patented inventions to clinics to begin helping people recover from the devastation of cancer.  Our proprietary patented technology is the only one we know of that reads the communication signals within a tumor and customizes back an individualized therapy.  No two cancer tumors are alike.  To treat them you need a customized approach."

"Unlike any medicine ever developed, virtually all cancer patients may potentially benefit from a custom built bioelectric cancer therapy followed by total organ regeneration," said Luis Ortiz, Patent Counsel and President of Neuro Code Tech Holdings. "By collaborating with the Leonhardt team on this cutting edge approach, we hope to truly advance cancer treatments by using a common sense approach that is uniquely tailored to an individual patient.  The Leonhardt team has a record of bringing breakthrough innovations from concept to market and strong leadership, and we believe with confidence they will do it again with this product."

"In our work to discover the right bioelectric signals to promote organ regeneration we worked to find protein expressions that promoted cell division on demand and increased blood supply.  By serendipity un-intentionally we discovered specific bioelectric signals that immediately halted cell division and halted blood supply.  We sent these results into the U.S. patent office to make our first claims for a cancer therapy.  In the process of filing our patents we came across the work of the Neuro Code Tech Holdings team led by Eleanor Schuler and found their technology to go a step further in having both a read and write neuro code customization.  We are in awe of their inventive genius and feel honored to now be teamed with them," stated Dr. Jorge Genovese and Howard Leonhardt co-inventors of the Leonhardt Ventures technology platform.

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The Leonhardt team is also working on bioelectric neuro code signal reading that it believes can be an early detection system for cancers and organ regeneration to follow cancer tumor destruction.

About Leonhardt Ventures:

Leonhardt Ventures founded in 1982 is a leading developer of organ regeneration, support assist and repair technologies.  In the 1980's the Leonhardt team led the development of predictably compliant cardiovascular balloon catheters, in the 1990's world leadership in patented stent grafts for aneurysm repair and percutaneous heart valves, in the 2000's Leonhardt has led the way in stem cell and bioelelectric based organ regeneration technologies.  The team led the first-in-man non-surgical stem cell repair of a human heart in 2001.  Leonhardt Ventures operates innovation/startup accelerators in California and Utah under the name Leonhardt's Launchpads currently incubating 30 startups and licensable technology platforms.  Leonhardt's Launchpads and it's startups are supported by over 37 Scientific Advisory Board members http://calxstars.com/scientific-advisory-board/ and 70+ business mentors  http://calxstars.com/team-cal-x/ - Main web site:  www.leonhardtventures.com

About Neuro Code Tech Holdings LLC:

Neuro Code Tech Holdings (NCTH) is a New Mexico-based company focused on the research, development and intellectual property protection of biolectronic cancer treatment technology.  It’s chief scientific officer, Eleanor Schuler, has almost three decades of experience in developing and testing neuro-coded electric signals for providing a diverse spectrum of treatments for human and animal applications.

Corporate Notes:  Leonhardt Ventures is Leonhardt Vineyards LLC DBA Leonhardt Ventures a Los Angeles, California LLC (formed in 1982 as sole propreitorship HJ Leonhardt & Co in Minneapolis. and converted to a California LLC in 2005).  Leonhardt's Launchpads is Cal-X Stars Business Accelerator, Inc. DBA Leonhardt's Launchpads a California C Corporation formed in 2013.  Leonhardt's Launchpads Utah, Inc. is a Utah C corporation formed in November 2015 and officially incorporated in 2016.

Caution:  Technologies referenced herein are early stage developments in early feasibility bench top and animal testing phase.  Safety and efficacy is not yet proven.  No efficacy or safety claims are implied.  For potential investors investing in our innovation accelerator or its startups/licensable technology platforms is very high risk due to the early stage of these developments, the high regulatory and development cost to bring products of this type to market, patent lititagion risk, heavy competition and our limited capital on hand and small staff.  This type of investment is not suitable to most and is limited in access at this time only to sophisticated accredited investors only with direct long standing experience in these type of investments. Due our small staff and many developments in process not all of our 30+ web sites are up to date and thus information at times may be outdated.  If you have any specific questions please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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