Alexander, Greep & Tate Insurance in Fort Lauderdale, FL Offers Home, Business and Car Insurance

It is against the law to drive your car without appropriate car insurance. Mortgage companies force expensive hazard insurance on your home if you do not have homeowner's insurance. Never lose a business due to no business insurance. Call Alexander, Greep & Tate Insurance in Fort Lauderdale, FL.  

Car Insurance

Call this FL insurance broker in Fort Lauderdale for Auto insurance. This coverage protects you against property damage to your vehicle or theft of your vehicle. The liability coverage you have on your car pays out to others if you cause bodily injury or create damage to another person's property.

Auto accidents can cost you and others a lot of money for rehabilitation, lost wages, and funeral expenses. Your medical bills are paid out under your car insurance policy as does the damage to your vehicle.

Most states ticket, fine, and make you serve jail time if you drive your vehicle without insurance. Never take the risk of driving without car insurance. The FL insurance broker can help create an insurance package just right for your needs and budget.

Homeowner's Insurance

If you have a mortgage on your home, your lender demands you carry replacement insurance on your home in the event that your home is destroyed.

When you do not carry homeowner's insurance your lender forces hazard insurance on your home. Hazard insurance is very expensive and all this cover is the money lost to the lender if your home is destroyed. You get nothing from hazard insurance. Your lender gets the cost of your home paid back to them.

Homeowner's insurance covers you if someone slips and falls on your property, if you have a break-in and possessions are stolen, if your home is destroyed and you need to rebuild your home and if you lose your possessions due to any number of reasons your homeowner's policy covers you.

Insurance companies offer individualized insurance for loses such as water and flood damages, costly paintings, furs, and jewelry.

Business Insurance

See your FL insurance broker in Fort Lauderdale for individualized policy information. Your agent explains that owing a business is another significant asset that you need to insure. This insurance not only protects you and your employees it protects the structure from the ravages of weather, and customers coming onto your property should they become injured on your property.

Insurance companies often times bundle items together which in turn decreases your monthly premium rate. If you bundle your home, auto, and business together, you will see a substantial decrease in your monthly premium.

Let your Fort Lauderdale insurance agent work up an individualized insurance package just for you, centered on your budget. Never be caught without insurance on your car, home, or business call this Fl insurance broker today at 954-561-9496 for an appointment.

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