Alexander, Greep & Tate Insurance in Fort Lauderdale, FL Offers Life Insurance Options

Never put off buying a policy because you think nothing is going to happen to you. Call your FL insurance broker, Alexander, Greep & Tate Insurance in Fort Lauderdale today and explore your life insurance options. 

This FL insurance broker helps you with options for Life insurance. You may put off buying a policy because you think nothing is going to happen and it is wasted money, especially when you desperately need money for other "things."

If you buy a life insurance policy when you are young the rates are extremely low and never increase as long as you keep the policy in effect.

The older you become, the more costly your life insurance rates are per month. As a senior, the rates can be high and this is the time that you wished you had bought your policy early in life and kept it paid. It is never too late, the sooner the better to invest in life insurance. Your Fort Lauderdale insurance agent provides the following options to you.

Whole Life

The death benefit is guaranteed
Carries a cash value
Tax deferred
Low interest rate
Builds a cash value
Can use built up cash to pay for premiums if you cannot pay them in a given month

Term Life

Protects your family in the event of your death
Pays the face amount of the policy
Only supplies you protection for a specified amount of time
Does not build a cash value
Much cheaper, but the monthly premiums rise as you get older and towards the end of the policy life.
The maximum life of this policy is 30 years
Works well if you want a short term policy

Universal Life

Premiums, cash values, levels of protection is adjustable
Cash values build interest rate

Variable Life

Growth potential due to containing a combination of traditional life insurance with saving features as seen in the company's money market fund, bond fund, or equity fund.
Cash and death benefit fluctuates

Variable Universal

Flexibility to readjust the amount of the premiums, death benefits, and investment choices
The death benefit can rise or fall below what you expect

Annual Renewable and Convertible Term

Protection for one year
Renewable with a higher premium
Can convert this type of policy into a whole life policy

Level Term

Good for specified times
Initial guaranteed premium
The longer the guaranteed the higher the premium cost
Premiums increase as you age

Decreasing Term

Offers level premium
The death benefit decreases over time
Works with mortgage debt protection

Your FL insurance broker agent is well-versed in helping you to evaluate the life insurance policy that works for your needs and your budget. This Fort Lauderdale agent can explain the difference between a temporary and permanent life insurance and all of the options available to you. For peace of mind, give your agent a call today at 954-561-9496.

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