Daily Brain Puzzle Website Goes Live

There is a new entertainment portal online. DailyBrainPuzzle.com offers quite a few apps like mind games and memory tests. It's not just about killing some time in front of the computer, but to actually make use of that time you spend. It's all about relaxing in a fun and challenging way. The apps were chosen to be accessible at any age.

The idea behind Daily Brain Puzzle was to create provide a friendly environment for everyone who enjoy brain games. All apps and games are accessible directly in the browser, there is nothing complicated like downloading or installing anything. All you have to do is navigate to DailyBrainPuzzle.com and you can start any app in a few seconds. You will need a laptop, notebook or desktop system to access it, mobile support being very limited. Current mobile devices don't have native support for flash technology, but this may change in the future.

The website was created with a target audience in mind: people with jobs or seniors who can enjoy a few minutes or an hour every day solving puzzles. finding hidden objects, taking memory tests and so on. The interface is rather minimalistic to allow users to focus on the important objectives. All this being said, the kids are welcome too, a category for them being present.

The brain challenges come in many forms, from apps to tests to games. Many apps have a random factor included, so every time you start, you will get a new puzzle. Because all the action takes in the browser, a restart means just a simple refresh of that page.

Visit Daily Brain Puzzle and take the first challenge: spot the five differences between the two photos and let us know what you think on twitter.

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