New York City Appliance Repair Man Provides some DIY Tips to Keep Dishwashers in Good Working Order

New York City Appliance Repair Man Provides some DIY Tips to Keep Dishwashers in Good Working Order

There are some things homeowners can do safely and effectively to get more from their home appliances

New York, NY – Though dishwashers are not the most essential home appliances, they can offer some assistance to busy homemakers, especially when they have a dinner party with lots of guests.  “Seriously, who enjoys handwashing a mountain of dishes?” asked the NYC appliance repair specialist.  

Whether used occasionally or daily, the dishwasher is among the most common appliances to require some periodic maintenance and repair. Food accumulation and clogging combined with hard water can wreak havoc on moving parts inside the machine. “There are some cases where a dishwasher will require help from an expert,” said the local appliance service pro, “but most often, dishwasher maintenance can be handled by regularly inspecting it and keeping it clean.”

Here are some practical dishwasher maintenance tips shared by the Manhattan appliance repair service provider (  

Level – A leveled dishwasher prevents racks from falling and allows smooth drainage

Drain hose and air gap - The air gap is important for preventing food particles from clogging the drain hose.

Water Temperature – Run the hot water into the sink before starting the dishwasher to purge the cool water from the lines.  The ideal water temperature is 120 - 140 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure clean dishes.

Cleaning the dishwasher – Run a cup of vinegar through the dishwasher to remove odor causing residue at least once a month.  

Clean gaskets frequently. Inspect the arm holes from all sides to remove any particles and use needle nose pliers to remove small debris.

Never overload the dishwasher. When spray arm jets are blocked by plates nothing gets clean.  Leave space between dishes and use only the recommended amount of detergent to prevent oversudzing.  

The final and most important bit of advice is to call a reputable dishwasher repair man with the NYC Appliance Doctor for repair.

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