New Rochelle Appliance Repair Specialist Gives Vital Information to Homeowners

New Rochelle Appliance Repair Specialist Gives Vital Information to Homeowners

Today’s complex appliances require professional service to avoid personal injury and further damage

New Rochelle, NY – A New Rochelle appliance repair provider enjoys interacting with his customers while performing service calls.  One item of importance he shares is how dangerous DIY appliance repair can be.  “Many people will attempt to fix their own appliances to save money,” said the specialist.  “This could cost them more money in the long run because today’s complex appliances require special equipment and the expertise of a professional.  Attempting to fix it yourself could result in further damage and even personal injury.”

When the appliance service provider in New York was questioned about DIY appliance repair he explained that there could be several consequences when trying to service the appliance by themselves. “One is the warranty,” he explained.  “By choosing to repair their own appliance they could invalidate the warranty which would cost them the benefit of having the appliance properly repaired for little or no cost.”

Another thing that consumers should consider when repairing their appliance is the method. “By searching the internet for “how to” instruction on refrigerator repair, oven repair, dishwasher repair, etc, many results will appear on the page that make it look easy.  YouTube videos and DIY appliance service websites claim that all appliances are basically the same but this simply is not true!  The fact is, appliances work differently, based on make and model.”

The Appliance Doctor of Yorktown New Rochelle ( went on to explain how DIY appliance repair is dangerous due to electronic and chemical make-up.  One wrong move and the appliance could be seriously damaged, beyond repair.  Worse yet, one can be electrocuted.  “It just isn’t worth it to risk health and safety of your family to save a few dollars,” he explained.  “Get it done professionally to ensure long lasting, maximum performance.”

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The Appliance Doctor of NYC and Westchester launched in 1980 and has furnished qualified appliance repair for homeowners and tenants in more than 500 apartment buildings and management firms around New York City. By having more than 30 years in the home service field their efficient personnel and reliable service technicians have come to remain among the most regarded appliance repair company in the area.


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