Virtual Gateway Labs partners with EntryPoint Networks to Accelerate Municipal Broadband; Combined Solution Redefines Open Access

San Jose, CA, Feb 11, 2016 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

Virtual Gateway Labs (VGL), specialists in delivering software defined infrastructure for broadband networks, announced a strategic partnership with EntryPoint Networks (Salt Lake City, UT). The partnership will accelerate the deployment of Dynamic Open Access networks that delivers cloud-like capabilities to municipal broadband FTTH networks. The combined solution enables municipalities and communities to deploy a dynamic open access broadband network that best meets the needs of subscribers, service providers, and the network operator for decades to come. This automated and open access architecture gives residents real-time point and click provisioning of services from a cloud ecosystem of services including data, video voice, emergency communications, smart home, smart grid, remote medicine, and distance learning all over the same fiber network. The combined VGL-EntryPoint architecture extends Software Defined Networking (SDN) to the subscriber edge greatly reducing management complexity and enabling new compelling services.

VGL has developed the software product Vega OS™ to control VGL customer premise devices. This solution enables multiple virtual private networks over a single optical fiber via a number of protocols including OpenFlow, 802.1q (VLAN Tagging), 802.1ad (QinQ), 802.1ah (PBB), and MPLS. The VBG family of CPE is based on the Intel™ X86 architecture, Open Source Linux and contains a number of virtual machines. The virtual machines can be used by the network provider for management and other purposes and can also be offered on a wholesale basis to service delivery partners. For the latter, the use of VMs eliminates the need for them to design, manufacture, and support their own CPE devices. Subscribers benefit from a wide selection of service offerings and from the elimination of the growing number of in-home single service CPE devices.

“This strategic partnership with EntryPoint Networks gives us a total solution for municipal broadband providers who are looking to deploy next generation networks today,” said Mr. Aman Sehgal, GM Global Operations and Vice President of Global Sales. "Virtual Gateway Labs has been an ideal partner in developing the world’s first line of SDN-capable gateways to make dynamic open access possible. They are combining the right products, marketing programs, and support to help us capitalize on this growing market opportunity,” said Jeff Christensen, President of EntryPoint.

About Virtual Gateway Labs –

Virtual Gateway Labs (San Jose, CA) was formed in 2015 with the primary focus on bringing Software Defined Networks Open Source and Virtualization to the access network. The main focus of the VGL architecture is to extend the realm of SDN to the subscriber edge to greatly reduce operating complexities and enable an array of new services. Since its founding Virtual Gateway Labs has successfully developed a first generation Virtual Broadband Gateway (VBG) and is in the process of expanding the VBG platform for enterprise, small and medium business, and multi-tenant capabilities.

About EntryPoint –

EntryPoint was formed around a common vision of increasing the power of broadband networks by making it easy for people to connect in ways that are not possible today. EntryPoint seeks to maximize the utility of software defined infrastructure for all network stakeholders while giving broadband subscribers more control and choice through an SDN-based management platform which automates the integration of Open Access to services, Open API’s, and Open Standards to enable a cloud ecosystem of broadband services.

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