Discount Motorcycle Insurance Reveals 5 Tips for Saving on Insurance

January 25, 2016– A source of lower cost motorcycle insurance policies, Discount Motorcycle Insurance reveals five tips that can help riders save. The fun pastime and recreation of riding requires always being safe. This includes being protected if an accident occurs; after all, there are several differences between motorcycle and car insurance. These tips should be helpful.

The larger the bike, the more it costs to insure. Engine size and power factor in here. Insurers consider engine size as a factor in assessing risk – more power equals more risk because riders can go faster and longer. Smaller bikes may also come with smaller premiums, so size is important to consider when shopping around for a motorcycle.

Higher deductibles mean lower premiums. If the deductible is raised, more is paid out of pocket for claims but monthly premiums will be lower. That’s fine if there’s no accident. The regular monthly cost will be more affordable.

Training lowers risk. Motorcycle safety classes teach how to properly operate, control, and ride a bike. They can also lower payments to insurance policies. By showing a certificate to a DMV office, one can qualify for an insurance discount. Plus, such classes are short and inexpensive.

Club members get discounts. Motorcycle riding clubs are open to membership not just for fraternizing, but to save cash on insurance. Membership often qualifies one for discounts around 10%. Clubs can also help find little known discounts.

Purchase multiple policies. Depending on the company, insuring vehicles, homes, and other assets together will save on policy rates. This also provides an opportunity to check with and save on other existing policies.

These tips can lead to substantial savings. There’s also the search tools on the Discount Motorcycle Insurance website for finding low-cost policies in each state. Go to to learn more.

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