Kazzit Disrupts The Experience of Winery Tasting Reservations

Kazzit Disrupts The Experience of Winery Tasting Reservations

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Kazzit.com breaks new records with over 8,000 winerys now available for reservations


Phoenix, Arizona – Leading online wine guide, Kazzit.com recently surpassed a record breaking 8,100 wineries, disrupting the tasting room reservation business.  Booking wine tastings through an extraordinarily user-friendly platform has never been more readily available. When expanding upon the breadth of capabilities the propietary platform Kazzit.com offers, there is no question as to why Kazzit leads the pack.

Founder Babak Motamedi says, “Booking reservations through our user-friendly platform provides easy access to those that would like a broad scope of wineries to sample in every single market in the US and six other countries.”

SEARCH CAPABILITIES:  Users can save time and energy, with the Kazzit platform  that includes the ability to refine their queries, and find exactly what they are looking for in their tasting reservations. Visitors are able to easily navigate, search, refine, and discover exactly what they are looking for, whether it’s wedding services in Napa, dog friendly wineries in Oregon, or organic wine producers in Tennessee.  

THE LARGEST AND MOST PREFERRED WINE TASTINGS FOUND ONLINE:  Kazzit.com now has over 8,000 wineries from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland, and the UK.  The list of possibilities continues to grow with dozens of new wineries each day.

WORLD’S MOST COMPREHENSIVE WINERY SELECTIONS:  Kazzit takes an unbiased approach and offers the widest selection of wineries in the world. User generated comments and reviews are available as well as the ability to share through social platforms. Kazzit makes the wine booking experience simple for consumers and wineries.

IN-DEPTH ARTICLES FROM OUR WINE BLOG:  Highly entertaining and educational features on wine related topics are crafted to provide insights into all aspects of wine culture and can be viewed at: Kazzit Wine Blog.  

STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY:  Kazzit allows you to make reservations while on the road or from your home or office.  Full mobile accessibility with fast load times is assured.

BOOK ON BEHALF OF YOUR GUESTS:  Professionals in the tourism industry can create the most seamless experience to add value for their guests.

“You won’t find another site with as many features and as much reach as Kazzit.  Wine consumers and connoisseurs demand pure and seamless purchasing opportunities.  Every potential buyer can expect every expectation to be met and surpassed.  Kazzit will complete each stage of the consumer experience in areas such as:  booking wine tasting itineraries, planning, and discovery.  Every wine enthusiast needs to come and check us out,” said Babak Motamedi, CEO of Kazzit.

GOOGLE MAPS INTEGRATION:  Highly interactive high-resolution symbols along with aerial imagery help all users to search and discover both new location possibilities and reservation opportunities throughout any region of the world.



WHO – Kazzit

WHAT – Kazzit.com website and Wine Blog providing excellent user friendly discoveries, bookings, and sharing when it comes to wine tasting reservations.

WHEN – Now available on www.Kazzit.com.

WHERE – Kazzit.com currently hosts over 8,000 winery profiles from around the world.

HOW MUCH – Kazzit.com is an absolutely free service for consumers.


About Kazzit:  Unmatched proprietary software for facilitating tasting room reservations will be found at Kazzit on your very first visit.  Beyond wine tasting room reservation scheduling ease, a wealth of information concerning wine production, wine culture and wine selection is provided by industry leading experts with the highest qualifications such as Master Sommelier (MS) and Certified Wine Educator (CWE) and years of proven and in-depth experience.  Knowledge, Expertise, Creativity and Care shine through every step through Kazzit.com.


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