Tradingrex Debuts Online Providing New Web Analysis for Forex Traders

Tradingrex Debuts Online Providing New Web Analysis for Forex Traders

Fernando Sanz
Valladolid, Spain
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(Valladolid, Spain) -- (27th Nov) New algorithmic forex trading software, present real-time information of trading activity and history through MT4 Trading platform, or CSV files all in one place.

It’s estimated that 9 out of 10 forex traders operate at a loss. Forex trading is a particularly volatile industry that requires participants to stay informed and have a gratuitous amount of time-sensitive data at their fingerprints. One company is trying to improve this situation by helping users find what is working for them or not. Tradingrex is an all-new company with an innovative free forex trading analysis software perfect for beginning or experienced forex traders who want to improve their trading performance.

“The fact is, algorithmic trading is more and more common every day among forex traders, but this kind of trading generates a huge amount of information that is tough to analyse without the proper tools–if it can’t be analysed we can’t learn and get better,” explains Tradingrex CEO, Fernando Sanz.

While there are a lot of forex trading systems and programs that were created by other developers, they lack the tools needed for forex traders to know which ones are good or bad– or the ability to organize them is also a glaring need. The Tradingrex application fills this void by featuring upload capabilities from several sources including MT4 Trading platform, or CSV files. From there, users get real time information of their trading activity in a meaningful way, with stats, charts, risk analysis, trading diary, smart filtering and with the possibility of sharing this information with other people.

Sanz adds, “Traders will no longer need to deal with Excel sheets, which are prone to errors. Our application will save users time since they will have the most accurate information that can also be shared with others.”

In addition to the forex analytics application, users will also enjoy access to professional support through Tradingrex. Other applications offer similar solutions, but are more akin to a social network of traders–while the program features specific tools and resources for traders that provide valuable support.

With the integration of trading information generated by the program within user's own forex applications or websites using the applications API, Tradingrex developers are hoping forex traders will love the new and easy-to-use trading analysis. To register for a free visit:

About the company:

Founded in early 2015,Tradingrex is a development company and product that was created by CEO, Fernando Sanz and Co-founder, Eduardo Ferrandez. The two come equip with extensive web application development, big data analysis, and high performance computing backgrounds. They developed Tradingrex to provide a simple way to analyze forex trading information. This program follows the company’s first application, Forex Control Center, which specialized in the analysis of forex trading history in the market. The application has had over 200,000 downloads with hundreds of customers over the world.

For media inquiries regarding Tradingrex, individuals are encouraged to contact CEO, Fernando Sanz via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . To learn more about the company, please visit:


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