Cars 4 Rental Makes Booking a Hire Car Even Simpler

In an announcement made today at their London office, the online vehicle rental specialists told reporters that they were very proud to have completed the latest round of updates to their website and that the booking process was now, “much simpler for customers to complete, no matter where or when they wish to hire a car.” Cars 4 Rental have made it their mission to simplify the process of hiring a vehicle over the internet and anybody who takes a look at their site today will probably agree they have achieved their goal in an admirably short space of time.

The company spokesperson who made today’s announcement was keen to point out that their customers have already been telling them just how easy their site is to use and what a pleasure it is to do business with them. “We have received a large number of positive comments about our service already and it was these comments that spurred us on to make even more improvements to our online booking system. And when we say improvements, we do of course mean simplifications. To us, anything we can do to make life easier for our clients, without affecting the quality of the service they receive from us, is a definite improvement.”

The stated goal of the company at its inception was to ensure that their service provided people all around the world with the quickest and easiest way possible to book a hire car. They were able to offer a service that spanned the globe from the outset by teaming up with some of the biggest names in the vehicle rental industry . “Some people may believe that booking through a third party will actually cost them more money but because of the fantastic deals we have negotiated with our suppliers, on a wide range of vehicles in towns and cities across the world, you can actually save both time and money by using our service”, the spokesperson told those attending the news conference this afternoon.

If the team at Cars 4 Rental are to be believed, they are currently offering some of the lowest rates on the internet for quality car hire in the United Kingdom and overseas. “As already stated, we have negotiated some very favourable terms with our business partners, to ensure that our customers can take value for money for granted when they book a car through us. The way we saw it, there was no point in offering the easiest rental service if it wasn’t one of the cheapest too.”

About Booking with Cars 4 Rental:

In common with all major car hire firms, they insist that customers must be 21 years of age or older. This is not because they feel that younger drivers are particularly irresponsible but simply because it is not cost effective for a rental firm to provide insurance to teenage drivers. They accept all major credit/debit cards, and are happy to accept additional drivers at a nominal daily rate.

Sunny Bhaji, CEO
Cruise Car Hire Ltd T/A Cars4Rental
Unit 6 Wilmer Business Park
Wilmer Place, London N16 0LW
0800 012 6771

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