EuroBitMarket Brings a Unique Exchange with Unique Background

EuroBitMarket Brings a Unique Exchange with Unique Background

October 13, 2015 – LONDON (UNITED KINGDOM) – With the goal of creating a more reliable and easy open-source cryptocurrency exchange, EuroBitMarket has launched providing customers with a safe, fair and ethical exchange platform protecting them from excessive manipulation and volatility.

“With the continued growth and popularity of Bitcoin, customers are increasingly in need of a safe environment in which to trade,” said Giacomo of EuroBitMarket. “Providing a secure marketplace where buyers get their BitCoin, and sellers get their money, is our chief aim. We believe our open-source and secure architecture, which is meticulously managed by our team, provides the future standard for all cryptocurrency exchanges.”

In order to provide a secure and reliable trading environment, EuroBitMarket provides the following circuit-breaker safeguards to protect you:

1.   EuroBitMarket won’t allow placing buy-limit order at 35-percent or more below the marketing price.
2.   EuroBitMarket will not allow placing buy-limit orders at a price below that of the user’s sell-stop orders.
3.   EuroBitMarket won’t allow placing sell-stop orders at a price above that of the user’s buy-limit orders.

By instituting these safety measures, EuroBitMarket helps to create a market which functions in an equitable way for all users.

Providing strenuous measures to secure Bitcoin storage above and beyond the industry standard, EuroBitMarket utilizes constant monitoring utilizing human judgment to protect your investment. Our technical teams maintain constant vigilance, including the monitoring of all movements and possible suspicious activity.

New accounts at EuroBitMarket are set up to use email verification for all sensitive operations including withdrawals and settings changes. We also recommend setting up two-factor authentication (2FA), via our security page, to provide an extra layer of security for your EuroBitMarket account.

EuroBitMarket is the unique and best approach to securing our fiat and crypto currencies.

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EuroBitMarket Ltd.
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London, United Kingdom

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