Penny Stock Superstar Introduces Today's Leading Penny Stock Trading Group

Penny stock trading groups are starting to become very popular in the OTC market trading community. These are different from free stock alert newsletters in that they have nothing to do with being compensated by the stocks they are picking. Every free stock pick website or newsletter is only free because they are paid by insiders of the stocks they "pick". This is obviously a huge conflict of interest and often times leaves followers holding shares of worthless stocks.

If you like trading daily alerts you would be well served by joining a stock trading group. These groups are most likely not compensated by the stocks they are picking which means there is most likely a monthly fee to be a part of the group. The most popular and most effective group in the market today is Their membership fees are low and their track record is incredibly good.

The best part about trading groups is that the members goals are aligned with the goals of the website. Free stock pick websites align their goals with the insiders of the stocks they "pick" because that is who is paying them. The only way trading groups make money is if their members continue to pay their membership dues. The people who run trading groups realize that they need to provide high quality picks or their members will leave, which completely aligns the goals of the website and its members.

Most trading groups offer a trial membership so that you can test them out before fully committing. offers a 14-day trial before paying full price. Give them a try and be very careful with any free "alerts" you get. Remember that you get what you pay for and stock picks are no different.

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