Norby Painting Contractors Understand why “Curb Appeal” is so High on the Priority List for Charlotte Residents

Norby Painting Contractors Understand why “Curb Appeal” is so High on the Priority List for Charlotte Residents

It’s not only about making a home competitive in the selling market, but also about making it more inviting for family and friends to visit

Charlotte, NC – When it comes to exterior home painting, curb appeal is the phrase that most often comes to mind.  TV, radio and internet advertising, especially in real estate sales, often use this term as a selling point.  Curb appeal is very important in the competitive home selling market, but it is also of great importance for showing pride of ownership.  A home should be a comfortable place for families to live and a welcoming place for guests.

Google search Charlotte Painting and notice how many different painting contractors and services there are to choose from!  Interior painting, exterior painting, home painting, commercial painting, residential painting and all kinds of painting services are advertised on the internet.  Choosing the right painting contractor can be quite the endeavor!  

Norby Charlotte home painting professionals take their job seriously as they begin each job by recommending the best paint to protect the home exterior and create a durable, vibrant appearance.  By using the highest quality paint they can ensure the home is prepared for extreme temperature changes and harsh weather conditions.

The planning process is important when painting the outside of the home.  With so many paint types and colors available just selecting the paint can cause enough overwhelm to make one to throw up their hands and put off doing this majorly important project.  This is why Dave Norby, owner of Norby Painting ( makes it a point to train all his contractors in assessing the property and offering the guidance each client needs to make a wise decision.  By helping the customer choose the color that best suits their property and lifestyle, Norby Painting contractors can guarantee complete satisfaction with every job.

Area residents say that they are amazed at the work ethic of Norby Painting Contractors.  All painting jobs are done according to the customer’s schedule and completed in a timely manner.  The friendly and professional painting contractors clean up the work area at the end of every work day so that the only evidence they leave behind is curb appeal!  Visit to learn more.


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