UK's #1 Shipping to Nigeria Service Announces Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Freight to the Country

UK's #1 Shipping to Nigeria Service Announces Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Freight to the Country

Anyone who has ever shipped something large or small from the UK to Nigeria understands the need for an affordable and reliable resource to turn to. has well earned the reputation as the #1 company in this space, recently announcing they will guarantee the lowest prices backed by always dependable service. Customers have responded with enthusiasm.

June 15, 2015

It's a fact that shipping anything to Africa can be somewhat complicated and expensive, without the right company on the job, and Nigeria is no exception. Fortunately, in the UK there is a proven service with a history of remarkable work in this area, Recently the company behind, Sure man Ventures Ltd., announced that the service will guarantee they are providing the lowest prices on shipments from the UK to Nigeria and if a customer provides a written cheaper quote, with no strings attached or hidden charges, the company will refund the difference. 

“We're experts at providing professional, reliable and affordable shipping from the UK to Nigeria,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Our goal is to provide such a superior service that once a person users us they become our customer for life.  And that's why, as far as shipping and freight to Nigeria is concerned, we don't beat any quote, we surpass them. We encourage people who have tried other shipping companies, to take the time to try us - the best shipping company in this area.”

According to, the company they are happy to offer twice monthly sea freight shipping to Nigeria as well as twice weekly air cargo to the country from all over the UK. In over three years the company has never failed to meet their “delivery in one week” guarantee. The company is also an expert at packaging and shipping fragile items, ensuring that there's no damage occurring to items shipped, a common problem with some competing shippers. A special TV cargo rate is offered for those who would like to ship LCD or plasma televisions or other similar cargo that requires special attention.

In addition offers a very well regarded procurement service, where the company can purchase items on a customer's behave, package them and then ship them from the UK to Nigeria at very affordable prices.

The feedback from customers for these services have been overwhelmingly positive.

Carly C., a Nigerian expat living in the UK, recently said, “I have used for my shipping needs to send things back to my family for over a year now and every time they always impress.  This is after very bad experiences from other firms.  They are easy and honest to deal with and the prices are the best I have found.  The shipments have never been late or damaged, which is very important to me.  The company is really a blessing and I recommend them to all my friends.  Five stars.  I wouldn't consider going elsewhere.”

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