Sirius Integrator announces Protonex Early Access Program for Propane 200w Fuel Cell Remote Power System

Sirius Integrator announces Protonex Early Access Program for Propane 200w Fuel Cell Remote Power System

Groton, MA - Sirius Integrator is the US distributor and integrator of the new Protonex P200i 200w Propane Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Battery Charger for 12v, 24v, 36v, and 48v lead acid and LiFEPO4 lithium battery systems.  Sirius Integrator is now offering the Protonex ‘Early Access Program' (EAP) that permits early adopters and integrators to use this system in their most challenging environments, giving them a significant time advantage in testing and implementing this low-emissions, low operating expense remote off-grid power solution.

The P200i quietly, cleanly and efficiently converts propane directly into electrical power. With a system weight of less than 20kg (44 lbs), remote start capability, low acoustics and exhaust emissions, this “US Made” portable SOFC system effectively meets off-grid and emergency power needs outside the scope of current power generation technologies.  Additionally, with its ability to idle for months or years with virtually no degradation, and with maintenance intervals in excess of 2,000 operating hours, the P200i is ideal for use in remote applications where access is limited, and traditional generators are too costly to maintain and operate.

Sirius Integrator has been marketing fuel cells for over six years to Oil & Gas, Homeland Security, Railway, Telecom, Sodar/Lidar Wind Profiling, Seismic Sensor, Traffic Management, Trucking, and Marine markets providing off-grid mission-critical applications the security of reliable off-grid power.   The P200i will be targeted at industrial remote power applications with loads of 20w to 200w running in all kinds of weather, particularly in cold weather sites with short days, where solar panels are ineffective.

The P200i has undergone extensive qualification testing, including vibration, drop, and extreme high and low temperature testing.  The P200i includes advanced features, such as integrated Internet monitoring and control to permit easy remote operation with a simple web interface; temperature compensated battery charging to assure safe and reliable battery performance in all weather; and a load-following capability that permits the system to operate reliably and efficiently over a wide variety of load conditions.  A 2,500 operational-hour sulfur filter and outdoor-ready enclosure come standard, with custom packaging available.

The P200i will be generally available to non-EAP participants starting August 1, 2015.

Please visit our newly designed website at  To participate in the P200i Early Access Program (EAP) or for a P200i data sheet, go to and call Emily Merlino at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with questions at 855-747-4874 (855-SIRIUSI).

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