Panelist at NY Event Educates Coaches and Small Businesses

Panelist at NY Event Educates Coaches and Small Businesses Panelist at NY Event Educates Coaches and Small Businesses

Westchester, NYJason H. Rosenblum identified a major problem while he spoke on the panel at a local event here in New York. Many coaches and businesses owners are unaware that they are at risk.  These coaches and business owners unwittingly do or fail to do things that may jeopardize their businesses.  Without understanding some important facts about intellectual property law, business owners could be spending money and time building a brand that is not legally theirs and possibly even exposing themselves to costly lawsuits.  On March 6, Ruth Sherman invited Jason Rosenblum, an attorney with an affinity for working with small businesses, to sit on a panel that she moderated at her workshop “Charisma: Presentation to Profit.”  He helped coaches and small businesses understand how to better protect themselves and their brands.

Jason H. Rosenblum is an attorney and founder of The Law Office of Jason H. Rosenblum, PLLC (, who has an interest and experience with helping protect coaches and small businesses against wasting time, money, and energy building a brand that does not belong to them.

While speaking on the panel at “Charisma: Presentation to Profit,” Jason Rosenblum provided branding tips to help coaches and small business owners.  Tips like “images on Google are not free,” making it clear that somebody owns those.  Online does not mean up-for-grabs and business owners cannot simply use them.  He also suggested that coaches and businesses that hire independent contractors, such as designers or copyrighters, must get a work for hire (WFH) agreement if they do not want the originator to claim ownership even after a business pays that person or company for the service.

Many coaches and small businesses overlook trademark law, and few people consider it exciting, until it becomes exciting for the wrong reasons.  Many business owners do not give much thought to whether their approach with their brands might be illegal. However, an attorney skilled in the area of trademark law can protect businesses and brands before branding and other intellectual property topics become an issue or an impediment in a development and marketing of a business or brand.

Recognizing what coaches in the industry may have neglected to realize, Jason shifted his focus to protect coaches and their businesses.  Originally skeptical of coaching industry, he grew to understand, believe, and eventually hired a coach for himself.  Now that the fortunes of his business have shifted in his favor, thanks in no small part to ideas from coaches he has worked with, he knows from the inside not only what good coaches have to offer, but how they are leaving their businesses open to risk.

Rosenblum explains, “(After) feeling the results, I now understand the true value and success possible (what people can achieve) with coaching.”  He wants to help other coaches succeed and enable them to focus on helping their clients without getting distracted by non-coaching activities.  Important issues such as a proper contract to formalize a joint venture relationship,  trademark law, CAN SPAM, FTC endorsement guidelines, etc, must be considered, but are not relevant to the task of coaching; Jason wants to take this burden off coaches who should rather be coaching.

The best business owners understand when it makes sense to delegate rather than waste time by doing it themselves.  Rosenblum suggests that most business owners should delegate legal concerns and issues to a certain extent so they can focus on their skill and creativity.

He summarizes this by stating, “As a small business owner myself, the idea of do-it-yourself (approach) to save money is one that I understand and appreciate. You may feel you can deal with simple legal issues on your own and save some money or (simply) speak to a friend, but the amount of time spent and potential for legal error are usually not worth (time or) the risk.”

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About Jason H. Rosenblum: After years of working for others, four years ago Rosenblum decided to open his own practice. He wanted to be free to choose to work on the matters he truly enjoyed, and he wanted to work with clients that make work enjoyable for him.  Now that he understands the benefits of working with a good coach, he is excited to focus on helping provide legal protection for coaches who have given him so much.

The Law Office of Jason H. Rosenblum, PLLC protects its clients, products, brands, and businesses from getting ripped off, so that they can focus on their talent and creativity.  They believe in building relationships based on trust.  Their goal is to provide general consultation concerning their clients’ businesses with an eye towards legal issues, so that the client can focus on building their business and ultimately making more money.

To learn more about how Jason H. Rosenblum can help protect coaches and small business owners, visit or call (718) 246-8482.

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