Introducing a New High End Product in the Market, Kill Switch

Today, people are in an extremely volatile global world and society where various threats usually come from different possible directions. People of today are fortunate that technologies have made nearly everything conveniently and easily available. Life today is certainly much convenient with all the advances in the technology.

If you are looking for an effective and reliable physical technology security for personal information on the most popular and sued technology of today such as computers, cell phones, and tablets, then Switch Kill can prove to be the most reliable solution. Though it’s not yet officially available to the public for now, but it will be released soon. This new invention has a lot to offer especially when it comes to the overall security of information from smart devices.

What Really is the Purpose of Kill Switch?

The product Kill Switch will be able to offer you the latest form of highly reliable physical technology security for personal information found on the commonly used gadgets nowadays – personal computers, laptops, cell phones, and tablets. Kill Switch is an effective device that can actually be embedded on your computer’s motherboard or cell phone. In case your device is stolen, Kill Switch will be activated and will destroy all internal parts of your equipment. This will make it impossible for the data and information to be retrieved, preventing possible identity theft or your personal information, contact information, and valuable files to be compromised. There will be disbursing of hazardous or non-hazardous liquid to penetrate through your equipment.

How Beneficial Kill Switch Can Be? What Problems Can It Solve?

Well, there are actually lots of benefits from this new invention. First and foremost, Kill Switch prevents identity theft which is very common nowadays. It also prevents stolen items or devices from being traded illegally and sold online, to pawnshops, or any other black market out there.

This potential product can prove to be very useful in decreasing the fraud and theft industry since the stolen equipments or devices will be securely destroyed, making it impossible to be resold. Securing valuable and personal information is very important when any of your devices is stolen, right? Fortunately, the Kill Switch can always be the best solution for that.

How Does the Kill Switch Invention Works?

Kill Switch is very easy to use. With just some clicks of a remote this equipment will be activated. If you want to disable your device, all you have to do is to use a specialized remote in order to activate the device in order to disable your equipment. There is also another way that a device will be activated. This only means that once your item leaves the assembly line, it will be activated. This can be a B2C or B2B. If technology companies want Kill Switch on their products, two options are available – either the company installs it during assembly or the customers can get it installed if the product doesn’t have Kill Switch on it.

Once this invention is on your cell phone, tablet, or laptop, it is on standby. Once activated, the liquid will start disbursing and short circuiting whatever will come in contact with the device. That SSD, internal memory, and HHD can’t be repaired for the retrieval of any information and data, and it is also not possible for reuse. It will definitely and surely disable any electronic devices. The estimated size is nickel diameter.

Kill Switch is very unique, and stands on top of the competition – Why? Here’s why.

Kill Switch is a very unique product indeed. It is an exceptional invention, unmatched with other counterparts. This is so because it is equipped with excellent features, methodologies, and techniques offering high end technology security that will definitely benefit everyone with smart devices like cell phones, laptop, computer, and even tablet.

With this product, you don’t have to worry about identity theft; you don’t need to worry about files on your computer and cell phone being compromised just because it is stolen. With the help of Kill Switch, issues regarding that matter will be resolved efficiently. This product will guarantee you that your personal files and information will never be stolen and retrieved from your devices. It has an effective security mechanism, which makes it on top of the competition. With just a simple activation and call for execution if ever your device is stolen, the Kill Switch will physically disable the processor, motherboard, RAM, and hard drive of your device. Provided this assurance, you are rest assured that whenever theft event occurs, all your valuables and personal information and files aren’t only secured but your device will surely be in opt, making it impossible to be resold.

You can consider Kill Switch as the new technology that can be utilized to fight against cyber criminality and identity theft. Such technology is being represented by a professional inventor who is dedicated to setting highest standard when it comes to technology security. This new invention can demonstrate that it understands the real dimensions of risks that are imposed by different changes in the technology these days. Given its enhanced capabilities, criminal masterminds associated and involved with information trade and theft will be reduced greatly. This new model of physical technology security will most likely live up to the highest expectations of people and companies.

Thus, if you really are against fraud and theft, you should consider the benefits and capabilities of Kill Switch in battling such unwanted scenarios. Protect your devices in order to protect yourself, and this product can be the best option and solution for that. Thanks to the introduction and availability of this excellent product, people now have a more advanced and sure fire solutions for ensuring that their devices and personal information are significantly secured. Consider Kill Switch as one of the most efficient physical technology security that will meet and even exceed your expectations. Get the best security measures from this product and see the difference! Let more about this product and you will surely be amazed.


Muhemed – The Creator of Kill Switch

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